10 thoughts on “So many freeride flickz

  1. He's riding on snow, what's he supposed to do, ride in a straight line on a stupid fat bike?
    Special Ed investing big in freeride, signs another no-results freerider, ala Matt Hunter. Really cool guy though, at least that's what everyone says on Pinkbike.
    They also locked up Brosnan for two more years to prevent him from going to another team and achieving better results.

  2. No, has nothing to do with skills. Just says you like to give your money to greedy A holes like Sinyard who screw people over everyone they get a chance. So you might not suck at riding but you are proud to associate yourself with jerks if you proudly ride one. So you do suck.

  3. hey anonymous, if you dont like specialized, no one cares. If you bought a bike from someone, then you bought off someone who likes to make money. so that means you suck because you made money to buy the bike. the whole industry is shit. but all industries are shit.

  4. If the reason you think somebody “sucks” has nothing todo with their riding skills then just shut the fuck up already. Nobody in the real world cares about that trendy boutique mtb horse-shit you empty headed magazine opinion piece lover. 😉

  5. Which Specialized model do you ride? How does Sinyard's bunghole taste?

    The blogging industry isn't shit.

  6. What brand do you ride – I mean, do you even ride… BRO? Bro.

    I'd lick your mom's blasted out bunghole if it got me onto a bike, but I'm sure not some queer like you puttin' out the vibe in the lift line with some carefully curated douche enduro kit.

  7. I thought maybe you ride aStumpjumper, but since you seem a little more aggressive I'll assume it's an Enduro.

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