19 thoughts on “Chainstay length

  1. wrong anonymous. short cs = faster through tight corners and tight trail. long cs = fast on wide open fast, slower in tight sections of trail.

    depending on the trail, you will be either faster of slower.

  2. In other news, Bell is partnering with the IMBA to build an “aggressive, technical trail” that could be worth riding. The IMBA might see what people really want and get a clue.

    More likely is that they'll figure one IMBA trail slightly harder to ride than a sidewalk in the entire US is enough and then go back to doing sweet FA.

    While I'm on the topic of building trails, how's the shovel fund working out, Charlie?

  3. “Chain stay length. How long should they be?

    Sport Touring: between 43 cm and 44.5 cm”

    See… 17.1″ is right in the sweet spot for the fast IMBA flow trails that you guys are secretly gay for.

  4. With 27's you can't get much shorter than 17.1, so yes, very short. Feels phenomenal in the parking lot test, and good for almost everything else….. except real man DH trails.

  5. Orbea rallon has 420 mm, specialized enduro is close too. 17,1 inches is short for a 29er…

  6. 17.1 is short for a gravity-oriented trail bike.

    Unless you are a poser or a Fred on a Special Ed, in which case it is perfection in every imaginable condition, and can do no wrong.

  7. ^-
    Must road bike a lot to be talking about Freds. Maybe that is why their butt hurts that people are owning the “wrong” brand. Keep shaving those legs and nobody will notice your nuts haven't descended which is probably a good thing for you cuz with 17.1″ chainstays you'd probably have painfully ground them off the first time you rode something steep.

  8. Team robot is like a light on the porch that attracts these mouthpiece knowitallbutactuallyknownothing moths that lube their dry eczema palms with uninspired american pride before painfully jerking their tired, chapped, and overcompensating egos on their tired, chapped, and overcompensating idol's face while he laps it all up eagerly further fueling his own megalomaniac god-saviour complex.

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