A gem from the comments section

Someone left this image in the comments section for the “Budgets” post:

Every “how to increase traffic to your blog” article in the world mentions interacting with your readers, both in the comments sections of your articles and in your articles themselves.

“Blogging is not a one street. A blog gives you the opportunity to get to know your readers better; and vice-versa. One of the best places to connect with readers is through the comment area. By answering questions and responding to commenters ideas, you can demonstrate your knowledge of a subject and build a relationship with potential customers.”

-Random blogging website

Fair enough. I think this is an area where we can still improve at TEAM ROBOT. So to kick off a new era in interacting with you the reader,

Kill yourself.


7 thoughts on “A gem from the comments section

  1. Any tips or suggestions on methods though? Pinkbike hasn't run an article on that yet, and I don't want to have to go into my LBS to have them finish a project I started.

  2. Cut up and then across forming a cross. Then shoot yourself in the dick. Then jump from a tall building. Then race Enduro. Then start a blog.

  3. Remember, it's not your blog. You're mistaken if you think it is. The blog called “Team Robot” may not and should not ever make fun of anyone or anything unless and until the blog's author checks with every possibly irritated or enraged interest group of every possible imagination, receives approval from all those groups, and allows all those groups to edit the proposed content prior to posting.

    The only valid view is that which is approved by every possibly insulted or injured or made-to-feel-bad person who enjoys being a victim.

  4. Team Robot, sometimes when I am depressed I go back to school days and draw penises or boobs. Detailing of the scrotum or adding starfish will cheer you up no end! Works best on pages of a book, the more serious one the better. Go to Library borrow some book on physics or evolution and draw penises all over the place. Sequences of erectionby the formulas in law of thermodynamics was my favorite. You should try!

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