7 thoughts on “A WORD FROM PATRICK

  1. Just might be giving to much respect to Geoff Gulevich and not enough to the “schligher.” At least he is an OG.

  2. Gullbanger sent Digger's Rock on a hardtail, before his balls had dropped.

    I have had sex with a woman, that he has also put his penis inside, so we eskimo brothers.

    That photo is pretty old, he got way more tattoos now brosef

  3. don't knock Gully, the dude is the nicest guys around and one of the best riders on the planet.

  4. PFunk and Jimmy are my main dawgs down at the FTF !!
    I was in there last year and asked Park why they don't start selling Teamrobot tees …….. He just smiled, and explained that hose tees are only used to clean off the rental bikes 😄

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