More BREAKING NEWS!!! from Intense Cycles

This edition of BREAKING NEWS!!! comes from one of our eagle-eyed readers. Eagle eyes are not as effective as robot laser eyes, of course, but often they pick up small details that robot eyes would miss, because generally robot laser eyes destroy everything in their path.

 Jeff Steber actually Barry Manilow:

In a related story, Brent Foes actually Falkor the Luckdragon from The Neverending Story:

6 thoughts on “More BREAKING NEWS!!! from Intense Cycles

  1. “Where are they now?” – it makes sense that the stoner dragon became the face of Foes, you'd have to be pretty torched to come up with some of those frame designs.

  2. Once again picking on people more successful than you… The book is called In the realm of hungry ghosts.

  3. hello and welcome back to our show “Spot the straight frame” with this weeks guest, Intense Cycles.

    Sorry everybody, trick question. No such thing here! Have a good night everybody! On to our next show called “What the FOES were they thinking?”

  4. wait, what? Manfrosting hair in socal? I thought everyone in brocal did that. So Intense… so being prepped for sale.

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