Your daily dose of Verdone

The mega pucker as he drops in on “the elevator” is sweet, but my favorite part is the concrete curb drop before it, where he’s in full pushup postion and almost bottomed out an 18 inch drop:

Obviously the 100mm negative rise stem on the Nomad is still funny, but listen to his tire pressure when he lands the drop. Sounds like he’s running 60 psi. And where did those trim yet shapely shorts come from?

Can’t make this stuff up. There’s an endless wellspring of material here.

23 thoughts on “Your daily dose of Verdone

  1. What the fuck do you know about jumping curbs? How many curbs have you designed? None? Then what do you know about jumping them? I designed at least 3 curbs for myself so I know that 60psi is the optimum tire pressure for jumping them with all my weight ahead of the front axle.

    These are doses of crazy pills.

  2. Is this man in any way aware of your existence? Because it seems like you might crush his soul if he were ever to discover these posts.

  3. That's funny he did it once, and appropriately labeled that segment “SLOW” then he replayed that segment in slow motion.

  4. holy fuck he's one of those guys who pulls up with his feet. Off a curb no less. What is he trying to teach here? Stuff that can be done on a beach cruiser?

  5. I like how he goes on a rant about how “Lycra kit” is the best possible attire for mountain biking…..and then wears baggy shorts in the video and then also has a set of gapered up TLD shorts.
    Side note: the TLD Moto shorts are my favorites, and I've tried many, including “Lycra kit”.

  6. Also, so there's the one idiot out there that actually runs 35%+ sag…

  7. The word of the weekend was dust. I usually don’t wear goggles riding downhill as it’s actually rare that they are needed over the advantages of M-Frames with Heater lenses. …that is a quote from one of his other ramblings.

  8. The overly heavy breathing makes the whole video. If it was just a crappy video of a guy dropping something you could roll on a tricycle, it'd be one thing, but the “breathing like you're about to drop into a run at Rampage!!” elevates it to a new level of him taking things WAY too seriously.

  9. If you want to see assholes who expound running more than 35% sag go check out the morons in the MTBR Knolly forum.

  10. Don't you guys know Verdone is the Bill O'Reilly of the mountain bike world? It's all a big hoax. A far left winger posing as a righty. It's the Colbert effect but with short Moto shorts and 100mm stems on Nomads.

  11. Hahahahahaha:
    “This is why I always tell people putting together a new bike to borrow or use garbage stems and seatposts until final fit is arrived after a few rides. So many people are out there stuck riding the wrong $300 stem”
    – Peter Verdone

    I guess all the testing and borrowing didn't keep him from getting the wrong 300$ stem… dang!

  12. Do not EVER compare him to Colbert…that dude is bloody brilliant. Verdone…not so much.

  13. HAHAHA I know exactly where that is, that bit of trail was practically my backyard as a kid…I have a pict of me doing that “drop” and “elevator” on my $300 hardtail.

    Of course that guy is some entitled Marin-ite..

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