10 thoughts on “Big news in in the world of Portland mountain biking

  1. Thank god for for getting a massive group of people to bully her way out of it.

    Terrorism always works.

  2. let me get this straight. a few trees fell on the course, the course officials said they cleared them, and then actually didn't and this lady ate shit because of it? Ridiculous, yes, but not completely unjustified.

  3. The amazing thing is that we can all just make up details to suit any narrative we like.

    “I heard she was on her 15th pre-ride and was trying to backflip over the organizer who was pleading with her to stop so he could make it safer!”

    “I heard the organizers were chasing her with a chainsaw and said they'd chop off her legs if she didn't jump the log!”

    I tend to agree with Anonymous 6:47PM, but devoid of any real details we should all probably go home and yell at our pets instead of speculating about an injured biker.

  4. Somebody thought it would be cool to build a jump out of a log that was too big to cut…

    I'm bummed that this got settled cause for awhile it was feeling like the mountain bike community was actually united for a change.

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