9 thoughts on “Cory Tepper

  1. You and Cory should make a short film this Spring about being a Robot. ***********
    Firstly, you dress up like a Robot , similar to your Cartathon pic, cheap cardboard and duct tape, and only one eye peeking out.
    Then you get on the MAX line during rush hour, when everybody is grumpy and have Cory film everyone's reaction to you, ( trying to ignore you, etc, but still wondering who the weirdo is)

    You then start a monologue about How hard it is to be a Robot today, Explain your Robot problems, and then get out at 122nd st stop and walk around in your robot costume , saying hello to the gang members etc.
    Maybe film you on the waterfront, again recording people's reactions to you.

    It can be a metaphor for your life and mtb career

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