Bender’s Ellsworth for sale

No commentary required, this ad speaks for itself:

“Here is your chance to own yet another vintage mountain bike, well abused by Bender. This bike is super versatile and is the first (maybe only) 29er I ever enjoyed riding. These bikes are built tough with a great ano job that is incredibly hard to scratch.

Bender has used this bike for everything from 70mile xc races to giant road gaps. The evolution is super efficient climbing and very stable at high speeds, over rocks, and in the air. Not something you would expect from a 29er right?

Why is Bender selling this bike? No room for it anymore! I am on the road listing this as a favor and need to get Bendy to send me a list of the components. He is also planning to send close ups of the components. I’ve done my best here… But really you don’t care whats on this bike, you just want it because it is Benders!

Ellsworth 29er Wheelset
Loaded AMX Bars, Stem, Grips & Headset
Magura brakeset
A huge seat
Marzocchi Bomber Fork & ??? Rear”

More about the Method:

5 thoughts on “Bender’s Ellsworth for sale

  1. I somehow did a ride with him once, I'm pretty sure he was on this bike. He threw up at the top of the hill, probably because I cropdusted him. Cool story.

  2. the chick selling it for him (his gf) seems like such a pro-hoe. Speaks of bender as if his a god. Please remind me again… when was the last time bender did anything relevant?

  3. even 12 years ago that fool wasn't relevant to anyone other than to a seldom few freehuckers.

    70 mile xc races huh? hmm…….

  4. To many he still is a God, he is at least one of the Godfathers of freeride considering he was the original big hucker. Nobody in the history was as progressive as him in terms of going big, even if he did crash a lot.

    His balls make yours look like bb's, blog hoe.

  5. Yup, Bender has raced the Crusher in the Tushar point to point race in Utah, likely on that bike. It's 70 miles with over 10k of climbing. He finished mid pack…

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