20 thoughts on “So this happened

  1. I cant wait to seriously fuck with this thing at wherever I see it, like slash your tire and shit. Should have bought a sprinter you smuck.

  2. You should provide a picture of the red velour, satin sheets and 1970s posters inside. You can't hide it forever…….

  3. It's a 98 with the 5.4, E4OD transmission, and big tires. You'd think it would make me want to offer free candy to small children, but instead it gives me the urge to run them over and park like Lopes.

  4. dumping the big tires to some 18 year old chooch for his brand new road tires will help save the tranny. or just change the fluid and ride like a fucking professional.

  5. Nice. I'm jealous of the high-top. Just spent the weekend riding slush in Big Bear and sleeping in our converted 3500 express.

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