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Hey people riding ain’t free and even ROBOTS gotta hustle from time to time. With all the big time web traffic the page is getting, we’re looking to cash in on our years of genius. That’s right, we’re moving on up, deluxe apartment in the sky.

TEAM ROBOT has been approached by a number of interested, qualified parties looking to advertise on our fine blog. Check the poll for options and let us know what you think. If you have any other bright ideas feel free to post in the comments.

Finally got a piece of the pie.

15 thoughts on “New Poll

  1. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm pouring a glass of whiskey and going back to read all of the “sell out” posts…good thing this bottle is mostly full….

  2. Are you gonna blog about Gwinny's religious beliefs? Rumor has it you are a missionary who converted to beer drinking.

  3. Gwin proved once again that you don't have to be intelligent to be fast. Try to imagine him and Mick Hsnnah praying together. .. God please grant us the wisdom to choose the right line on Sunday.

  4. you robots arn't so smart are you. as a blogger your suppose to fill your blog with mundane trip reports, full of low quality photos and went here did this narrative, interspersed with uninformed gear reviews, tec tips and selfies. Then you use that to cold call mom and pop operations, restaurants, hotels, tour operators, even bike manufacturers and milk them for free shit. works best if you introduce your self like they should not only know who you are but be honored that they get to meet you. use lines like, “you don't know the opportunity your missing”, and “team up with out existing partners”. then write the whole thing off as a business expense.

    at least that's what I am lead to believe.

  5. I was really hoping “Farmers Only” was going to be an option – Christian Mingle is too diluted at this point, half those girls don't really love Jesus like every single dude in moto apparently does…that's why pocket meat got my vote: I'm willing to roll the dice to find out if it's a delicious snack or actually something to do with “Men Seeking Men”.

  6. Hmmm… seems like you kids aren't looking at this right. Extortion is a widely underrated tool. Try this instead: (X) Number Bottles of (Whiskey/Beer/Vagisil) required for every month that the Robots don't advertise. Seems like the only reasonable response to me.

  7. How about ads for a cool alternative brand; such as Dawes, Motobecane, or Breezer bikes?
    That would throw a real spin in the industry!
    Christian mingle isn't bad, lots of nice ladies on there. You could even find a girl in her late 30's who hasn't been married but still hopes to have kids!

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