Call it like it is

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Here’s the deal:
The city of Portland just announced plans to close Riverview Natural Area to mountain bike access, the last remaining set of trails for mountain biking in Portland. Forest Park trails are off limits, and Powell Butte is a series of crushed gravel sidewalks.
The official reason given for closing mountain bike access in Riverview was fish. The seven cold water streams in Riverview “support critical habitat for coastal steelhead, coho, and Chinook salmon in the lower Willamette.” Mind you steely, Coho, and Chinook don’t actually live in the streams in Riverview, so the argument is water temperature. Apparently my bike tires are warming those cold water streams so much that salmon in the Willamette River are jeopardized. Right.
Some more context:

I’ve been in contact with Portland Parks regarding Riverview since 2011, and I’ve participated in the public process to determine land use in Riverview for the past 18 months as part of the “Riverview Natural Area Political Advisory Committee.” I served with about a dozen others, including neighbors and representatives of local interests. Brian Baumann of Northwest Trail Alliance was the official “mountain bike guy,” and I was the designated unofficial citizen “mountain bike guy” on the committee. We were supplied lots of environmental studies and documents outlining the threats and impacts to the natural resources. We were constantly inundated with graphs and charts and bold statements reinforcing how “highly sensitive” the natural resources in Riverview are. And all of those graphs and charts and studies pointed to dogs and off-trail use as far and away the two greatest threats to natural resources in Riverview. We discussed mountain biking, trail planning, trail etiquette, best practices, and parking zones, but we also discussed dogs and cats and neighbors and trees and birds. We discussed a lot.

The committee meetings stopped about 12 months ago, and our June 2014 meeting was canceled. All communication from Portland Parks and Rec went dark after that. And then today I received word from Portland Parks that the area would be closed to mountain bikes.

This has nothing to do with natural resources, because the two biggest threats to Riverview as (rather extensively) outlined in our meetings and in public documents were not addressed in this recent decision. Dogs are still allowed in the park, and nothing has been done to limit off-trail use.

The real reason we’ve been kicked out of Riverview is that a small collection of powerful, monied interests hate mountain bikes. Our elected officials answer to these individuals, thus, by the transitive property, Portland hates mountain bikes. Don’t believe me? Ask the Northwest Trail Alliance members who worked on the Forest Park proposal.
Show your disdain, show your displeasure, show your disgust. Don’t let Portland hide behind fish or birds or trees anymore, this is basic NIMBYism at it’s worst. Call it like it is. Portland hates mountain bikes.

22 thoughts on “Call it like it is

  1. Dogs. Fucking dog owners and their stupid fucking dogs. Every single one is an entitled piece of shit hypocrite when it comes to neighborly etiquette,trail etiquette,non-dog owner etiquette,but my dog doesn't do that bs, and even how-other-dog-owners-should-behave, …EVERY FUCKING SINGLE ONE.

    I'd bet all the the people who voted for, or pushed for this were dog owners. EVERY FUCKING SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

  2. One of the city council people probably saw that guy on the Big DH Norco who does “zoo bombs” up at Forest Park, all decked out in a full body armor kit, and full face etc. That guy probably spooked one too many old ladies – riding like a freak down those tourist trails

  3. Did they ever find out who was rigging up those Shotgun Shell Tripwires in Forest Park's mtb trails??

  4. Dogs are the number one threat to mountain bikers. Ever been on a group ride with a bunch of Subaru drivers with Fat Tire in their water bottles, 45 PSI in their Nevegals and a pack of unruly four legged shit everywhere and get in the way on the descents lonely excuse for the child/companion/sibling they never had or aren't capable of maintaining a relationship with? No? You've never been on an FOCF group ride in Capitol Forest then.

    Portland. Call in the Hipsters. I might suggest a yarn-in at the trailhead.

  5. Trails hurt fish, but new houses, new roads, new sidewalks, new utilities installations don't hurt fish, and by golly, car effluents of all types coursing through surface & storm waters surely don't ever harm fish. It's trails, clearly. If you asked a fish, first thing fish would say is, “diminished water quality is my big priority, and those trails definitely diminish my water quality more than development, construction, or pollution.”

  6. I ride my bike to work and to the store and to the movies and to the other store. I am better than all of you mountain bikers. I save the planet. I got rid of my car and life couldn't be better. I don't have a house anymore because it was ruining the planet. I don't even buy groceries anymore because they have to be hauled across the planet. I eat twigs and things I find in my yard. I don't eat animals anymore because it hurts the earth.
    You know what else hurts the earth more than anything? MOUNTAIN BIKING

  7. Meanwhile Timberline dumps a million pounds of salt on their snow every year but I'm sure that's not bad for the fish downstream.

  8. This is just such a huge disappointment. I am most likely the guy with the big DH Norco and full face helmet that Coach Pete Sr is referencing. Although, I've never done any zoo bombs or even been to FP before so I don't necessarily know what that's all about. I've always given the right away to hikers and their dogs; usually dismounting my bike all together to help appearances. My skill level isn't exactly at “riding like freak level” so I also hope this comment was made in error. I'm always polite, make conversation, and pick up trash so I sincerely hope the site of my big scary bike wasn't a contributing factor to this decision. If so, I apologize.

  9. I can tell by your apologetic demeanor that you are not “that guy with the Norco”

    The moral of the story is: Because those trails, like at the Zoo and Forest Park, RIverview etc, – are SOOOO High Profile, it just takes one or two Joey's or D-Bags on a mtb to create perceptions that are more far reaching than the legit mtb riders on trails where nobody sees them.

    Signed ; Coach Pete

  10. In regards to Portland gaining platinum status it's a farce. It's so blatantly obvious Portland has contempt for mountain biking and therefore should be demoted. They have no place in being a platinum bike city. I would call the city commission's stance towards mountain biking hostile at best. The referendums and directives by Amanda Fritz, her staff and the parks project managers has been nothing short of virulent.

    I, for one, will be advocating to the League of American Bicyclists that Portland be removed from the platinum grouping. Hopefully, my fellow neanderthal cyclists will follow in my steps.

  11. there's gotta be a clever sticker idea that equates Portland's stance on mountain bikes to Texas's stance on abortion

  12. They wouldn't be in front of you on the downhills if you didn't climb so damn slow.

  13. Regardless, if politicians don't have to observe the written law, either do I. I will continue poaching everything I'm not supposed to because the local politicians have shown that even without poaching, they don't give a fuck about our sport and will make laws against us. So fuck them, fuck Portland…

    “This land is your land, this land is my land.” You want me to stop using taxpayer payed for land. Sell the land, or come armed to remove me!

  14. Portland sucks, what do you expect?

    It's becoming overcrowded, expensive, over-trendy and annoying. Most big cities suck though. Troutdale, Sandy, even Vancouver are better places to live that are closer to trails.

    If you live in the city you die in the city.

  15. Got this from Megan Dirks after I sent a polite email stating I won't move to portland because they hate mountain bikes…

    “I am happy to respond on behalf of Director Mike Abbaté. We appreciate your concern about the decision to not allow mountain biking at Riverview Natural Area. The decision was made by Commissioners Fritz and Fish in an effort to protect a significant environmental asset.

    Portland Parks & Recreation recognizes the existing and growing need for additional nature-based mountain biking experiences in our City park system. We believe that a comprehensive biking plan will identify the most appropriate biking opportunities, while protecting the conservation values of our natural areas and the enjoyment and safety of all park users. Towards this end, funding for a Citywide Off-Road Cycling Plan is included in the requested PP&R Fiscal Year 2015-2016 budget. The best thing that the community can do to support the development of this Cycling Plan is to advocate for that funding. Opportunities to engage in the citywide budget process are outlined here: .

    The Mountain Bike community has been an important and valued partner in Portland Parks & Recreation’s approach to Mountain Biking. Additionally, the Mountain Bike community has contributed a significant amount of time and resources into maintaining and restoring Gateway Green and River View Natural Area. We greatly value these contributions, and we truly appreciate your feedback. Thank you so much for taking the time to express your concerns.

    All best,

  16. Hey “My fish don't shit in your yard”, you can suck my dick and then you can suck my dog's dick.

    Mountain Bikes. Fucking mountain bikers and their stupid mountain bikes. Every single one is an entitled piece of shit hypocrite when it comes to neighborly etiquette,trail etiquette,non-bike owner etiquette,but I don't ride like that bs, and even how-other-trail users-should-behave, …EVERY FUCKING SINGLE ONE.

    I'd bet all the the people who voted or lobbied against this closure were mountain bike riders. EVERY FUCKING SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

    See y'all on the 6th.

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