So big time

In other news, look how big time I am now.

BOOM! Two website front pages, nbd:

Dolla dolla bills y’all. Making that big time industry money now.

Don’t worry, I took those yellow grips off.

17 thoughts on “So big time

  1. knee pads are for pussies, especially riding a fucking trail bike.

    what's with the train?

  2. im not sure if i can take you seriously after you wearing those goggles. you should blog about goggle wearers – i particularly want to call out north americans and their influence on australians. And then i hear the voices of the desperate “nyeeeee but I need goggles to keep the dust out nyeeeeee”

  3. Goggles are sweet fools!

    By claiming otherwise you are stating;

    A) I am a nerd inter-web jockey who has never been outside so I don't understand mud and roost.

    B) I am a conceited fashionista who chooses form over function and doesn't ride in adverse conditions to avoid soiling my darling outfit.

  4. So felt doesn't make a downhill bike bike so what do you ride? or are you a total sell out?

    maybe you should get some better sponsels

  5. Since no-one else has, let me point out the irony of Charlie being used to advertise a double crankset

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