18 thoughts on “Your daily dose of Verdone

  1. Interested to see if the 160mm rear conversion actually works. That's the first I've heard anyone doing that with a trance. Why you'd bother when there's a reign out is beyond me. Would be nice for those who bought the '14 model year, however.

  2. I happened to run into him this past weekend while riding in pacifica… it provided for many “oh shit how did he not just die” moments

  3. I love how he talks about the angleset without mentioning that it changes your head angle once. And WTF does he mean about “bridging the gap in frame design”?

    His musings on fit are hilarious, in one sentence he says a large frame is “racer style” then a couple sentences later says he wouldn't be able to ride DH on a large frame. So he could race on a large frame but not simply ride DH?

    And what does he mean by “Still, the new Konas are amazing for what they are.” WTF? Is he trying to say konas are department store bikes or something?

  4. He has got his brick-on-top-of-flower-pot set up all FUBAR, flower pot on top of brick is far more optimal

  5. He owns a 45mm short stem, but instead put a 120mm long stem on the nomad. Does not compute.

    This robot requests for immediate termination of all humans.

  6. I hear you Chez. I ride. I fall. I get up and try again. I don't blame my bike. I don't look to math for answers… I assume I have one choice… the bitch between my legs and I ride what I brought. When someone wants to buy me shit that rides better I'll pay attention and try it.

  7. “Of course, setting up the handlebars properly means interference with the top tube.” There is nothing proper about an 80mm -5° stem. Nothing.

    I'm also interested in his plan to ride with “a little less savvy and a bit more aggression.” That sounds like what happens when I get whiskey drunk.

  8. “The advantage to using the medium (instead of a large) this way is it allows me to still shorten the stem (like the GAP 45mm) for DH days, much like I did this weekend when we went to Pacifica”…that's excactly what I want to do, swap out my stem everytime I ride a different type of trail on my “eveyday” trail bike. …that “armor” looks sweet though. Oh, no, it doesn't. It looks like a shitty can wrappred up with shitty electrical tape. I'm dying not to have that on my top tube.

  9. XX1 crank with two rings and the Southpaw lever with a god damn front shifter next to it?

    I'll be outside shooting at cats with my slingshot for the remainder of the class period. Life has lost all meaning and I don't want to go on.

  10. “Of course, setting up the handlebars properly means interference with the top tube”

    -No PV, that's just something that happens if your handlebar ist wayyyy to low!

  11. Paul verdon't have anything useful to add to the conversation. He probably works for Portland park & rec

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