Your MTB news for the week

Grant “Chopper” Fielder still riding bikes apparently:

Athertons and Red Bull team up to create another overproduced visual sleeping pill:,true&dynamicStreaming=true&bcpid=1684512102001&jumpHover=Jump%20backwards&closedCaptionsHover=Subtitles&isUI=true&labels=,false,false,true&bgcolor=#000000&bckey=AQ~~,AAABTw4lHzE~,sr1E9bdX6d4wCdvdlD8QKdNij3uKs2K9&videoID=4114389060001&bctid=4114389060001&templateErrorHandler=document.getElementById('myExperience').errorHandler&bckey=AQ~~,AAABTw4lHzE~,sr1E9bdX6d4wCdvdlD8QKdNij3uKs2K9&autoStart=false&qualityHover=Change%20quality&filter=channel:Bike&purl=

In a related story, Dan reveals devastating self-confidence issues in comparison to his two younger siblings in another brief but uncomfortable interview.

X-Fusion patiently waits five years to finally copy FIT damper:

When asked about similarities between the popular Fox FIT damper layout and X–Fusion’s new “Roughcut Damper,” insiders at X-Fusion stated “it’s not exactly the same,” citing different product name and different colored knobs.

When asked the follow-up question “really?” X-Fusion engineers conceded that yeah, it’s pretty much the same thing.

8 thoughts on “Your MTB news for the week

  1. the fit damper was 2 stage in 2009/2010 I remember having to rebuild mine every week!! the things were complete shite. It more a copy of the charger damper than anything else.

  2. The big news was the new worthless hub standards from SRAM, aka SCAM.

    This crap Is becoming more and more difficult for shops to deal with. Boycott SRAM!

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