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  1. No kidding. Pink Bike is just another shill for the advisers. Mountain Bike Action mag. must be proud.

  2. No company in the history of mountain biking had caused bicycle mechanics and bike shops more headaches than SRAM. To make up for it they go around and give shop employees free crappy SRAM and Rock Shox baseball hats. Throw them away.

  3. Mike Kazimer is a complete pussy for not saying even one thing critical about another unnecessary hub standards in his review on PB. He probably likes the sram at they gave him and wears it proudly.

  4. You guys blaming SRAM have it all wrong, they're not the ones who come up with this shit. But when your massive OE customer says 'We want this new standard to help us boost our flat sales, oh and by the way we'll take 10,000 units next quarter,' then you don't have much of a choice.

  5. Ah, the internet. You guys do realize that the article on PB was a news announcement, not a review, right? That's why I wrote, “but plenty of questions still remain, and until we have actual trail time on these new products the jury is still out.” It wouldn't make much sense for me to start spouting off about something I hadn't spent much time on, would it? I could have just copy and pasted the press release and called it good like a number of other sites did…


  7. Mr. Kazimer, I don't think anyone reading this really gives two shits what it rides like. Obviously it's gonna ride just fine. As a critic, your job should be to look at the announcement as perhaps saying something larger about the industry as a whole. This is the kind of incremental improvement that is gonna help a dentist with some of his disposable income, but is really a scourge to the everyman rider, and the mom-and-pop shops that don't have massive accounts with the likes of Trek.

    You have a responsibility as a journalist, and its not just relaying the message that the new hubs ride “really great” down in Sedona.

  8. Eric E Strava, that brought a tear to my eye. sniff. Thank you.

    Like I said in the PB comments, I'm almost 100% certain the review of these products will be glowing because realistically, they will work just fine. That's a given. But, in the larger picture, the collective “we” (especially journalists) should be asking the broader question of why do we need this? This is not a ground breaking technological advancement, this recognizes a need that doesn't exist. If they would base those forks around CURRENT STANDARDS then all would be fine.

  9. I see most most mountain bike media to be not much more than product catalogs. Nobody has any balls anymore. It is just so vanilla. Give us real opinions and don't be afraid to take some heat for it. Ask harder questions that might make those fucking engineers squirm. Ask them why they are not trying to focus on bringing down prices instead of glossing over more tech bullshit about 3″ tires and why some Joey thinks his wheels aren't stiff enough.

  10. YZ250f hubs are not compatible with a CRF450. OEM's (=trek) make the specs.

    Deal with it.

  11. When every little town has a Trek dealer stocking hubs for my Trek at any given moment, then no problem. Also, I can go forward or back ten years and buy current parts for my Trek then no problem. And when there are a thousand other aftermarket brands making hubs for my Trek that I can find almost anywhere, no problem. Unfortunately that doesn't happen.

  12. Jeremy Clarkson should be every MTB journalists idol when it comes to reviews, he completely trashes 95% of the products he tests and everyone loves him, even porsche, who he hates!

  13. No doubt its stiffer and does what it says on the box, going to a wider hub is going to do that.

    Hopefully when they are reviewed they will weigh up whether the incompatibility and duplication are actually worth the few % extra stiffness.

  14. I really think Trek fucked up, a Roost 145 would have been much better standard, because then, in 3 years, they could release a Boost 148.

  15. Schleybletop got it right and Derp,and anyone else who wants to blame “Engineers” for this, including Charlie, get it/got it wrong. Engineers don't spec the parts, they don't do the marketing, they don't write the press releases, they don't do sales forecasts,they are not the product manages. Shit, most of them are not creative enough to come up with most of these standards. What engineers have done is figured out how to make every request from the former a reality. Is this new standard necessary? Fuck no, and neither is mountain biking, at all. Blame the “journalists”? Yeah, think about that for more than 10 seconds…ok, good, glad you recognized your ignorance in that thinking. I'd be willing to bet that most of the angst at new standards is simply a projection of one's inability to financially keep up with the pace of product evolution. But you don't have to, at all, go to a pawn shop, or a swap meet an buy a good 15 year whatever is available and don't give a dime to those who are “fucking you over”. Take those parts and replace your “old” standard parts. No one is fucking you over. You're the pussy because you won't let your ego do that, nor will you acknowledge that given the choice, you wouldn't want to go back to the “old” standard. Bunch of entitled cry-babies.

  16. Robot Company X Management – “Fuck we got lots of people working here and need to make money. Lets keep doing more stuff.”

    Robot Company X Market/Research – “Fuck, people think riding bikes is hard…. We know….. what if we made them easier to ride like a soccer mom SUV's and fuck it if they don't ride as fast. BOOOSH! expanding the market size bitches!”

    Robot Company X Engineer – “Shit, I just realized that I'm essentially a sustaining engineer….. or fuck, I could reverse engineer an existing technology before someone else or we could implement a license agreement on some other blokes technology. BAM!!! Game Changer!

    Robot Company X Marketing – “Hey marketing outlets. Check out this hot new shit. You bitches better all copy & pasta this shit and make the web links go live within 10 minutes of one another!”

    Robot Internet Bike “Journalist” – “Fuck I actually get paid for this shit! Don't rock the boat!”

    Robot Disposable Income 30-40 year Old – “Fuck this urban bee keeping, I make good money living by the city and it's cool to have a beard and connect with the outdoors these days so long as I can WiFi and Xbee while Selfie-ing and connect to all my wearables. Truth is I'm actually a pussy, but I can get on with riding this bike. Sure it may not be as fast but I'm smiling cause honeybadger.”

    Robot small percentage of Bike Nerds – “Fuck, new shit that is better or different? Hell that's half the reason I ride a bike, to feel like a better and different robot than those other robots. IF {Asked why purchased new shit} THEN {Respond; Fun} ELSE {Called out on bullshit} THEN {Respond; repeat Robot Brand marketing blurb}

    Non-Robot – “Well, I've been not giving much of a fuck while enjoying my bike.”….Hops online, “Dafuq?” ….Goes for a ride “Dafuq are these people on these slower Dr. Seuss thing?” …. Heads to the new trail, “Dafuq is this flow shit?”….Realizes that Robot Apocalypse has been going on for the last 10 years….

    ….Kills Self…..

  17. The minute you saw these hubs, if you had any familiarity with the industry you should have realized there is no question that this is becoming a pain in the ass for bike shops and even consumers. There is no question this hurts local bike shops (and this helps the big mail order companies). There is also no question anymore that SRAM sucks.

    You pretty much did what every other site did, you didn't say anything critical in fear of stepping on SRAM's toes.

    But then next week someone from Pinkbike will conduct a troll poll asking 'Are there too many hub standards? ” Everybody will bitch since the media never does, and you'll get 50, 000 more hits on Pinkbike.

    Pinkbike and SRAM wins, consumers and bikes shops lose.

  18. Face it , you are a robot . You do what the master programmer codes. Go ahead, try to kill yourself. Haha! Good luck with that. Release from irrationality is not a choice.

    You are one fucked robot.

  19. I'm stoked for progress. Doesn't effect my current bike. Love to ride. You guys are such dorks.

  20. in cooler news, praxis made an 11-40 cassette. back to the good ol days of cobbled together rear shifting! hell yeah. who cares about this stuff? Di2 can suck it.

    moto is fun, but its a shame they complement each other. also 7000 dollar motorcycles hold value way better.

  21. Holy shit, what a bunch of fucking cry babies. Shut up and go ride your bike. This doesn't even affect you unless you have purchased one of the 3 models this hub is spec'd on. Which is unlikely because assholes like you don't buy new bikes unless you can get a “deal.” Product managers don't care about people like you because you aren't doing anything to help the industry.

  22. This standard really changes nothing, so just ignore it.

    The entitled whiners are the product managers who think they're going to get somewhere by insulting a customer's intelligence. Don't piss on my and tell me it's raining. Worse, don't tell me i'm an entitled brat, pussy, angst ridden poor person for complaining that you're peeing on me and picking my pocket with anti-competitive agreements.

  23. ^^
    I am not a product manager, nor do I work in the bike industry. My post was anti-bitch, and you are still being one because:

    No one picked your pocket unless you “bought-in”

    “open standard” =/= “anti-competitive”

    I'm now going to have to add that you are obtuse as well.

  24. You want to hear how to have the most fun on a bike you've had in a while while simultaneously shaming the ppl that make all these new standards commercially successful?

    Buy a 90's rigid beater on craigslist, go to your local group ride, and proceed to blow the doors off the middle-aged, $5k bike, gave-up-golf-to-ruin-our-sport crew.

    Maybe we should all take up ironic golfing.

  25. My kudos to the troll poll predictor.

    I also got a laugh that mike k wrote a whole rambling article which I gather was about how he is honest and full of “journalistic integrity” because he personally edited a press release instead of just dumping that hot turd on the web.

    I also see the product manager who told us we're all pussy bitches turned into role playing as Ally Mcbeal. Perhaps this reveals something about the resentment in his posts.

  26. is every product manager in mountain biking hired directly from the ski industry? does that explain all the bros and neon colors? get outta here ya fuckin kooks!

  27. It's really lame to say “grow some balls” because as we all know that's sexist and derogatory. Besides, balls don't just grow anywhere…

    Back to the topic at hand…
    SRAM is just hopping on this because they missed out when Shimano and Fox had a love child and left them out of the bedroom.

    I don't have this on my bike. Therefore it doesn't affect me.Buying a new bike? Might affect you.

  28. Seems to me 138's “pussy” comment was directed at the Anonymous who called Mike K. a pussy.

    Maybe I'm wrong. Or maybe Airelle and the rest of you are just being cunts.

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