9 thoughts on “This is what your bike looks like to me

  1. you ride a Felt. they could anodize the color of my taint and it would still look better than a felt.

  2. Wait, is it your actual taint that's getting anodized or are the components being anodized to color match your taint?

  3. The surgeon general does not advise anodizing or any other electrochemical process application to the perrenium.

  4. So, if you can't anodize your taint can you anodize your piercings? Cause I still have my rainbow prince albert stud from back in the 90's.

  5. My taint is too sore to be anodized, from all the gay butt secks and all. I meant the color of my taint, being applied to my bicycle parts. #anotaint

  6. Oh, snap! I just found my matching rainbow labret stud that went under my soul patch!

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