5 thoughts on “Collabo

  1. That knife should be by your side when you are sleeping in your van down by the river.

    Looks like you've got all the lines dialed at the Lumberyard.

  2. I never could figure out why you and Cory don't splice in a couple of 5 second clips of you 360'n out of a dirt to dirt flyout in the woods somewhere – especially in your sponsor promo vids You obviously could land it on a dirt flyout – and you got as many tries as you need……..?
    This goes back to Mitch Ropelato thing again. That skatepark vid he did changed the way I, and probably everyone in the bike industry who saw it” s, opinion of his riding level .

    And I remember back in 2006-2007 at the Rays 3 Ride contest, when Lopes shocked everyone when he started throwing barspins and backflipped the box jump. Everyone just assumed he was “just a racer”

  3. keep mtbs out of skateparks you fuckin kooks. seriously. buy a bmx or even better a skateboard. you look like rollerbladers

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