14 thoughts on “Listen to Blopes say "dampener"

  1. why him and Schley are employed as professional bike riders still is beyond my understanding

  2. He says it within the first 5 secs, and then proceeds to say it a dozen more times throughout the video. How does a suspension company allow this to happen? Con-Fusion!!!

  3. Who cares, that's probably how he has heard it pronounced more often. But you would think somebody who sounds like that would have heard his voice often enough to know he should shut up or at least pretend to talk like a man. But not in Cali. What matters is he is till faster than you.

  4. I just like saying “Blopes”.

    And yes he is still way fucking faster than you.

  5. You must still be mad Lopes schooled you last year at the Hood River Enduro by almost two minutes . That means he pretty much could have stopped to have a burger and coke at the snack shack – and still would have beat you to the bottom.

  6. If pros knew how bike parts worked and their proper names then they wouldnt need mechanics to work on their bikes. He does a pretty good job of riding his bike fast and thats all he needs to do.

  7. All everyone is talking about is Queenstown and you haven't even been there.

    Listen to you say “I failed to qualify for a World Cup”. Now that your an Enduro Goof off, It's less likely to happen. Oregon Enduro my ass.

  8. Well if the cartridge blows up and showers you with oil, then I suppose “dampener” might be an accurate description.

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