So hopeful and optimistic

“The uphill route is three miles, the downhill route is six.”

That’s like when someone says “you’re going to love this downhill trail, dude. It’s only a fifteen minute pedal up but it’s like a ten minute rip down. It’s sick.”

They have no idea.

16 thoughts on “So hopeful and optimistic

  1. I think he might have meant there are multiple descending options totaling 6 miles.

  2. The fast rips around here are 30 min HABs up and either 2 min shred-fests down, or 3.5 mins of gnar. Guess we're missing out? >_>

  3. My favorite trail ever was 15 minutes up, 38 seconds down. -35% average grade. lolz

  4. “World Class Downhill”… cut to what looks like someone spinning out downhill on a 15ft wide bench cut… seems legit

  5. The guy in the work helmet looks like Dr. Tobias Funke, and the guy riding at the end was spinning to winning it.

  6. I've ridden it. The top half is okay has some tabletops and is fun. Most of the shots are of the climbing trail being ridden downhill. Riding down the climbing trail sucks, it was honestly the worst part of the ride. The switchbacks kill all speed and are flat and about a bike length wide hence the need to pedal downhill after every switchback. The top is fun and will be fast, but having to end the ride on a terribly designed climbing trail ruined it for me. I live 10 min from there and will probably not ride it again until there is a “downhill route” to the bottom and that is a shame.

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