31 thoughts on “The question every year at Sea Otter

  1. To get sunburned and have mind-numbing conversations with desperate PM's eager to sell 27.5+ as 'the next big thing?”

  2. to stuff sausages in seat tubes

    that's the ONLY reason why I go.

    So don't leave your bike unattended

  3. to have fat guys from the midwest shlep the new cool thing on you!


  4. To watch the BUILDER premiere, bro.

    My bro told me the way those dudes mined nugz in that movie is like… next level. Could you imagine just you, your bros, a 6 pack, a truck, and a trail dog named “schralp” out defining your own space in some epic zone? Cuz like, trails to me are like an artistic expression. You get to leave your stamp on nature with a shovel and then all that's left is surfing the epic brown pow in the golden hour.

    #partywave #blessed

    I have $20 that says the movie will be at least 78% b-roll and slow-mo.

  5. You are there for industry connections and inspect the sport for the latest trends and happenings. I work in China right now, 12 hour shift, I would be happy to go to Sea Otter. Cheer up spring child.

  6. Look on the bright sideā€¦most of the WC guys were 6 1/2 second behind Gwin last week.

  7. 2:08.*69 is a pretty sweet time! I'd count that as a win, especially after beating the king of double parking yesterday!

  8. because , even though you don't know it, you have become exactly what you made fun of years ago……

    you charlie, are a corporate bitch.

    swallow the gravy charlie, swallow the gravy.

  9. While you are out spacing and racing you probably missed Vinny T blowing up in his big line edit on Pinkbike. Rampage invite material. Can. You. even know what big line means? You won't touch it, It's beyond you yo. You haven't done a big bike edit since you rode a Mountain cycle, I bet you bring a trail bike to PA and get busted. These are major burns on your reputation.
    Sandy Ridge Shredder

  10. Vinny T's edit puts all of ur accomplishments to shame. Nice job getting 20th at sell out sea otter while vinny was shredding gnar in hella sick zones. He's carving sick lines while you are selling handlebars. U probably don't even listen to metal anymore.

  11. You gotta wonder, who will be the fans favorite at Rampage in 2015, will White or Vinny T? I like vinny's style big time.

    Now is a good time to take lots of Whey Protein to recover and get ready for Pt.A!

  12. Dude, please don't recommend that anybody eat a bunch of whey protein before the PA race, that will stink up the shuttle Uhauls very badly. People shouldn't be drinking heavy beers or eating chili the night before either. Same with eggs in the morning, that sulfer will the Uhauls a miserable experience.

  13. I don't think you can ride big mountain lines. It's funny when you talk so much shit on freeriders for being bro's when you seem like a dickhead jock wanna be frat bro. Just admit freeride has it's place just as much as world cup racing. Team robot is a lie. Go be a sell out in the back of the pack.

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