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  1. You've made it. Retire quickly before final runs so you don't have a chance to disgrace yourself.

  2. You ate your whey protein, good boy!
    Gwin is there, but he has been camping with Tim Tebow and they won't come out of the tent. They are channeling Ryan Dungey in an attempt to create a new Christian era of two wheel dominance. Satan is in the woods laughing at them.

  3. 12th in qualifying at a U.S. elite race? That should surely be worth at least one more season of free t-shirts and stickers. Keep living the dream!

  4. West coast racing had a big presence at the race even if it didn't show in the results. This is a Portland based team that deserves major props for being dedicated to being a fun sport.
    Hi 5 also was at the race, they all run Spank bars and stuff. Again, not strong in the results but strong in the pits. Those were the only 2 Portland area teams I saw represented at the race, its a shame more Portland shops came get behind mountain bike racers and get them out to these big nw races. Portland has never supported mountain bike racing damnit! . Gresham has a lot of potential in terms of turning low income children into world cup DH potential. It all starts at the Lumberyard. Where is the local bmx track, that's another huge shame to the area. I want to see NW kids in the results but not 13 or16th 😐 I want the wins, the big nw wins from local talent that we haven't seen for a long time. Darrell Young was from here so we know this area can breed winners, the good air here will support it.we just need the right combination of semen ans ovary combined with bmx racing at a young age, maybe some moto. Every kid deserves to be trained. Why do you think Palmer is doing what he is doing? Its all about sacrifice. Not many people sacrificed at PA it was mainly selfish. But a couple people did.

  5. I was at PA, wasn't like that at all. Seattle and Canada dominated, Portland was an afterthought as usual. Maybe cause there are no tough trails there. Both those teams are super weak, no pros just blows.

  6. Both Anonymous – you have to have TRAILS in order to have a scene. That's why Portland fails both as a city and in mtb.

  7. Team Robot is helping the scene in Portland by getting involved in politics and stuff. We need another rally that was fun but this time real ride.

  8. All this tells me is that I should have been taking pointers from you instead of Bernard Kerr.

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