It’s perfect. I like the musical breakdowns in the infomercial, but really I can’t choose. There’s so much to love.

Between this graph and that DHX 5.0, you know you want to know more:

Seems legit. There’s so much good stuff there, I can’t even… just follow the link.

14 thoughts on “Taiwan

  1. What we have here internet engineers, is aborted love-child of a banshee and knolly

  2. I'm torn about which I like better, the qr from 1987 or the paper mache looking frame.

  3. The anti rise feature they are referring to is the fact that no one will get a boner about this (KS) kitchen sink suspension design.

  4. Leaving the POV shock cam audio up full was a true win in my books. But mixing in wolf howls really makes it next level. Good find. Ordering one today.

  5. China, not Taiwan. That's like lumping Seattle in with deep south rednecks.

  6. They must have seen the Nomad fire road shred video from a year ago and realized that was the way to win the hearts and minds.

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