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  1. Racing suspension is for control not comfort. Look at rally, F1, Dakar, Baja. Best suspension in the world and drivers can bruise/ tear internal organs without involving crashes. Supple suspension is for baby strollers.

  2. watching a local downhill race and every joey has his fork so soft its almost bottom out just in the steeps. cringe worthy.

    when its hurts your hands to hold on, your fork is probably stiff enough.

  3. If one is obsessed with “supple” they haven't tasted the front tire enough times.

  4. Team Robot: The MTB parallel of a porno critic who believes the only purpose of sexual intercourse is fertilization of an egg.

  5. shitty fork or not he came in 33rd at that race. you ride for fox and can't qualify at a world cup

  6. Feeling troll-y?
    You've reached a new low, are you feeling threatened by the 380?

  7. A thought – yes, we all get them. Now think of the things you could do with your time instead of a useless blog

  8. I for one, would rather ride rockcox than marzocchi. And I hate rockcox. marzo are poop.

  9. Had to check that I wasn't on pinkbike, every comment here is either a. trying to be funny, and failing at it miserably or b. hate speech. All we need is an 'enduro sucks' and '26 for life' and we've got the full set

  10. I just bought 2013 OEM Fox 36 Float RC2, lowered it to 140mm, pumped to 15% SAG and mounted to my hardtail. Riding a descent that is full 37 seconds long I catched up on a dude on a stumpjumper, who ultimately crashed 50m before the end of that track challenging ones endurance. At the bottom we exchanged kind words and the only thing I couldn't tell him about my hardtail was the “new” fork because I was ashamed of it. he had a Pike, and as all Pike users know Fox 36 may have had bladder backed damper with infependent low and high speed compression since 2006 but it has so much stiction and needs service every 5 minutes. So if you don't ride Pike or DVO Emerald, eventually Boxxer with AVA cartridge then shut the hell up, soft or hard, you know nothing about suspension.

  11. ^ hey look theres c.! i knew this was pinkbike. 26″ for life death to enduro!

  12. I don't know what's better the blog posts or the comments. People getting butt hurt over a satirical mountain bike site is hilarious. Please keep up the comedy gold.

  13. that's funny, I know of a well known Fox service centre that tried for ages to get the 40'supple'… ended up running without seals, quality

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