West Virginia

TEAM ROBOT is at Snowshoe this week, TRAINING. SO. HARD. for the Mountain Creek ProGRT. Due to ROBOT’s level of focus (and also due to Snowshoe’s total lack of cell service and wifi) not too many updates to come. Also Ben separated his AC joint yesterday riding the National track at Snowshoe, needs surgery, and is going to miss NJ and Angel Fire.

With a 6-8 healing time, pretty much he’ll be back just in time to race the National track at Snowshoe.

In the meantime while I proceed to never update, here’s what you all came here to see: random video gold from the corners of the internet, aka Galen Carter and Demetri TrianFlo-Rida dicking around at their home trails. Sure this video sucks, but if your choice is to watch some tank top canadians’ horrible freeride flick videos on Pinkbike’s “Movies for your Monday” or watch two first year/wet behind the ears pro downhillers ride better than you in Hawaiian shirts and train hard for midpack results, the choice is easy:


And a little free advice to D and Galen: I’m happy you’re having fun but if you ever want to make it in downhill you need to forget about that fun thing and start eating salads and riding your road or XC bike all day. And remember: juicing is good all day, but smoothies are only for post-ride. There’s a lot of calories hiding in smoothies. You think vanilla ice cream is what champions eat?

Here’s a free link to some dieting tips for upcoming pro racers, courtesy of the ROBOT:


14 thoughts on “West Virginia

  1. that flick was better than the entire builder abortion that I skimmed through the other day.

  2. The guys back in midpack are paying for your pro class winnings. Better encourage more guys to be like that. They make you look better

  3. What winnings?? Also…Builder was…what happens when a blowhard gets money and creative control.

  4. BUILDER. Unknown dude with a camera remakes new world disorder 4 in 2015 but fails even by 2004 standards. Surprisingly, BL55 manages to appear with a shirt on and actually have one of the better “seggys” filled with “nugs”. 80's hair (cock) rock soundtrack sucks massive amounts of robo-cock. Whole premise of storyline was done far better in one short segment of Strength In Numbers. Buddy filmmaker guy added to kill list.

  5. Soundtrack sucked but besides a couple lame sections (…Geoff Gulevich) it wasn't that bad.

  6. Can't wait for Charlie to have anything to do with a movie so we can rip it to shreds. Actually, I wont hold my breath, cause he is obviously too lazy/stupid i.e. couldn't go the couple hundred feet to the central patio area to find both wifi and cell service. That, or he was just too busy only lapping the most buffed out “flow” trails, and hitting the “freerider” hucks-to-flat on the Western Territory side …..all….weekend…long……

    When the lifties in WV point at your mustache and laugh behind your back, you know you are a joke.

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