The latest three finalists for the Bell Bummer grants came in, and as usual they’re all asking to burn 100,000 small frosties or 20,000 five dollar footlongs worth of currency to build an atrocity of a trail.,1172

I didn’t even have to watch this video to arrive at the predictable tragicomedic oxymoron:

8 thoughts on “More IMBA

  1. I don't know why you are so miffed about some old dudes wanting to build some Grandma trail in Tennessee? Are you worried their gonna get more UCI points then you next year, on a 29er? Maybe that bearded guy's gonna make it to the mtb Olympics and not you? Yeah, I guess you do got a lot to be bitter about………

  2. Just get over it. No organization is going to back or build a serious DH trail in this great USA. Too many lawyers. Add to it that serious DH riders are a small subset of all the trail users. I'm not saying it should be that way, just saying it is. Get back to bitching about the lack of Portland trails.

  3. Ignore the haters, we need more people to point out how ridiculous IMBA is. It really is so sad that they represent mtn bikers.

  4. The NSMBa up here in Canada are becoming as bad as the IMBA. Gentrified trail endorsement, “You're with us or you are against us” philosophy and some bullying by a particular member. Keep it rogue!

  5. when they use the term “Gravity” I believe they are actually referring to the force providing resistance as you pedal uphill

  6. “Gotta have that progression”

    To be fair, that screengrab was from the trails that they were saying were lame – I don't think they've started the “gravity” trail yet.

  7. Tragicomedic oxymoron? Dont quit your day job, err your blog, err pro bike racing… whatever it is you do

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