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  1. If that was just a climbing trail, sure. It would allow me to drink latte's, talk, text, and ride at the same time. But as a general purpose/downhill trail? Not bloody likely!

  2. So basically you are saying beginner riders should be discouraged? And you want sponsors to pay you to ride your bike? I don't know what your plan is but it seems like you are blowing it if you are trying to be a professional.

  3. I was a beginner and never wanted to ride that garbage, not even from the start. I'd like to give people more respect than to throw a sidewalk down a mountain.

  4. B-line at whistler, and any other green run, looks rowdy compared to that sidewalk trail. In fact, I've seen sidewalks rowdier than that trail….

  5. Beginner my arse…the only way for an adult to have fun on that sh!t is if they're riding a child's strider bike and have at least six beers.
    I have, indeed, tested this theory (elsewhere).

  6. curious if anyone has ever skied before!?? Have you ever seen a bunny slope?? little kiddos all day long learning how to ski, guess what this trail is meant for. The future of our sport. Some little kid is going to get hooked on bikes from riding down this trail and yes when he gets better move up to harder trail, but man everyone has to start somewhere. I would be stoked to take my 5 year girls down this and watch them have a blast and fall in love with mountain biking. -Vic

  7. You can have beginner trail a lot more fun than that, that looks like a commuters cycle path.

  8. come on Chuckles, you know you saw tons of those short sections on all the flow trails I watched you lap all weekend long at Snowshoe. Did you even ride the front side? I mean with all those technical rock sections and such? No seriously, did you? 'Cause for three full days I didn't see you on that side ONCE.

    And why do you ride a 10″ DH sled when you weigh what, 130 lbs wet?

  9. I love how Adam Ransavage gives them a subtle burn but they take it as a compliment.

  10. Warning: This trail is 650B+ compatible only. Any other wheel size will cause your bike to explode.

  11. Hey Vic- I started riding mountain bikes with my dad when I was 6. I had a fully rigid schwin 5 speed. My favorite part of the trail we rode to start had a steep drop in down an bank into a dried river bed full of sand, across the river bed and back up the other side. It felt awesome when I finally managed to hit it with enough speed to skim across the sand at the bottom and climb out the other side. 28 years later and I still love to ride.

    I dont think 6 year old me would have given a crap about a trail thats buffed smooth like a sidewalk unless I had a skateboard to ride down it on my butt.

  12. So are the Alp and U.K. trails purpose built as “Green” trails? No? Well then what is your point.

    If you don't like it don't ride it,no one is forcing you to, quit being bitches.

    I'm glad if I do decide to ride at that area, the beginners, and Charlie, will have been directed toward this trail, and not clogging up the ones I want to ride.

  13. “So are the Alp and U.K. trails purpose built as “Green” trails? No? Well then what is your point”

    A purpose built green trail in the alps. Again why you Americans are shit at downhill.

  14. Seems like everything getting built these days is a flow trail/dirt sidewalk. Sure beginners need somewhere to ride, but there's beginner-level trails all over the places. More advanced trails on the other hand…

  15. “A purpose built green trail in the alps. Again why you Americans are shit at downhill. “

    Don't you mean: Another reason the French are good at downhill…

    your statement is a post hoc…..never mind….

  16. Amazed at how many people still fail to understand satire and sarcasm….

  17. the general pussification of society starts with smooth trails. why do we want to pander more to people who would want to ride that? fuck'em. keep it underground and keep it worthwhile of achieving goals.

  18. ^ because the self esteem of beginner mountain bikers is more important than teaching those beginners how to actually mountain bike. There's literally nothing being taught on that kind of garbage ass trail that couldn't be taught on a paved bike path.

  19. Um. Not to rain on anybody's parade (excuse future pun) but there is no grade reversal on that section of trail. It certainly exceeds the IMBA standards of a grade reversal every 30 feet. Which means we have a drainage issue when it rains (and take pun now). People! A drainage issue! Can someone tell me just what the fuck is going on!

  20. This is not a trail. It's not. It's smoother than my arse. If you think you need trails like this for beginners, you're a fucking twat. Anyone with basic bike handling skills can ride moderately bumpy and/or rocky single trail. If you can't, you have no business being at the top of the mountain. Kill yourself.

  21. Winter park already sucks. This is just icing on the cake. For the love of god will someone rebuild keystone or sol vista

  22. Hmm…I'm wondering if this is a class A11 or A21. Doesn't quite seem like a state highway so I'd go with an A11 or A13. Either way…GET THOSE LANES STRIPED!!!

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