6 thoughts on “Surprise visit

  1. I think this is an example of a person who truly believes that the equipment they are using is literally, “THE BEST [frame] EVER MADE” – zero explanation otherwise for not buying something made in this decade.

  2. So when both you and Gwin are at a race, and you both pray to your imaginary friend, why does jesus always let Gwin take first? Is he a more sincere jesus-freak than you?
    Since he is an overt bible thumper and proselytizes on pinkbike and you are a covert in-the-closet religious nut who pretends to be a normal person, god will probably always let Gwin win.

    You might want to figure this out if you ever expect god to let you win a race.

    BTW, I loved the Jill Kintner track walk video when you were in the background plucking the dried flakes of jizz out of your dick broom.

  3. Hey you have to actually write or post original thoughts or else I'm gonna delete my bookmark

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