Laugh at my failure

I think I got beat by, like, ten guys on DVO forks. I think Jill even beat me maybe.

In a related story, some guy keeps posting this photo in the comments section of all the Spring Classic ProGRT articles on Pinkbike. I think he really thinks this is a rad picture. I like the fact that you can clearly see tire marks for the fast line, about three feet to the inside of the turn.

Thanks for this trend, freeriders.

13 thoughts on “Laugh at my failure

  1. your failure aside, whats with all the super emotional riding videos lately? First that sram chaos can't be beautiful opera bullshit and now this sram/coastal crew video with what sounds like some of the background music from house of cards as the soundtrack. we're just riding trails here not writing poetry

  2. At least you got 21st. Doesn't appear Gwin was even on the same course as the rest of you.

  3. Gwin will put 11 seconds into the WC field. That should make you feel better… To know you would have gotten 20th if the World Cup guy didn't show up.

  4. jesus hates you and ignores your pitiful prayers. he obviously likes gwin and answers his pitiful prayers. you should be an atheist like all rational, intelligent people.

  5. maybe you should shave the dick broom. nobody with a dick broom has ever won a dh race, except steve smith. but he's an atheist.

  6. You got beat by a BMX racer who never saw a root or rock until a year ago. You mad?

  7. You post these attempts at mocking yourself as if it's something out of the ordinary. I bet more people are surprised that you actually made the top 50.

  8. George Ryan rode for the Cannondale freeride team back in the day…whichs technicaly makes him a freerider still…oh and he also beat you

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