Pinkbike wisdom

Listening to Pinkbike commenters discuss the new GW Link is priceless.

Don’t hold this to me but it looks like Gwin’s new linkage is cnc’d from ali and this technology won him a world cup over the carbon linkage.


Yeah, it’s cause his shock link was made of aluminum instead of carbon. That’s definitely what did it for him.

6 thoughts on “Pinkbike wisdom

  1. Everybody knows Gwinny wins because he is religulous as the Pope.

    He isn't as successful at attracting women, but that's why he worked with Tim Tebow in a tent in Port Angeles for three consecutive days while everybody else was racing their bikes. Tebow emphasized that it is important not to have sex with a woman until you are married, and that condoms are immoral because they prevent Gods little babies from spreading the good word.

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