14 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS!!!! from TEAM ROBOT

  1. What the UCI should do is hire all of the crooks sacked from FIFA to run the show…if they aren't incarcerated.

  2. Mountain biking is si rammed full of cunts at the moment, and that's not including the UCI.
    Fuck off and die Charlie cunt face fag fucker.

  3. The UCI don't give a fuck about your shitty cam footage, they're trying to make things a bit safer. Retards don't get it. Jog on…

  4. If you were fast or interesting enough to be paid for your footage you might feel differently. Its a poor sport that keeps its own pros poor. Do right by those at the sharp end and embrace innovation opportunities for marketability. Eliminating such cheap and direct exposure really hurts. And safety? Have you ever ridden DH! It's a little plastic box and they're among the best. Ban them in lower classes, not the top.

  5. Everybody should put their money where their mouth is and boycott the UCI DH race in Fort Bill this weekend and instead just watch ews highlight videos.

  6. Trouble is, despite everyone hating on the UCI, nobody has the balls to boycott them. Too much talk and no action.

  7. Personally I think the robots are misguided 90% of the time, this time included, but they must be making some sort of point based on the visceral hate they are dragging out of the dark corners of this dork sport. so I figure, just keep on keeping on. some one has to give the middle managers something to talk about while they strap on their knee pads before dropping into half nelson.

  8. Under the visor is actually a really good mounting set up, at least with a go pro. I'd imagine other cameras could be set up well this way too

  9. What the hell are you talking about? Middle managers? Visceral hate? Weird comment.

  10. “embrace innovation opportunities for marketability”

    Meaning… to sell visors with mounts, or? What the fuck are you taking about?

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