It took me two minutes to realize I could put it on mute and experience it like a real deaf person.

Also check these prices for National Champs this year:

$295 seems reasonable for Dual Slalom and Downhill. Oh yeah, and then add $40 for lift tickets. Like an idiot I’ll end up paying whatever it costs, no matter the price, but it begs the question: what does all this money go towards? These are the ROBOTS best leads:

Chocolate fountain for the officials:

Building a money mountain to ski down:

Swimming pool full of jello:

Or maybe USA Cycling doesn’t even get the money and they don’t get to swim in jello or ski down piles of gold. Maybe they’re just a low-level evil player in a much bigger evil organization, and all their money gets shipped away to the big evil organization that’s building a huge, evil-looking lair far away in the mountains, from which to carry out sweeping evil plans of world domination and extortion, headed by some bizarre older looking evil guy. And maybe USA Cycling has to do whatever marching orders come down the pike from evil hierarchy at the big evil organization:
But what would an evil looking mountain lair for a global evil empire even look like?

14 thoughts on “Jammin

  1. If you want your new chinese carbon rims UCI approved, just send the rims to be tested stuffed with a few K of swiss franc.
    Lets be happy it has not reached that low for mountain bikes. Yet

  2. I've been saying for quite a while: the cost of racing prevents some of the best non-sponsored riders from competing. Races are for sponsored riders and dentists, lawyers, chiropractors, etc. who want to brag about how “badass” they are.

  3. Do you guys read the articles or do you just look at the pretty pictures? From the latest article: “Like an idiot I'll end up paying whatever it costs, no matter the price, but it begs the question: what does all this money go towards?” From the race entries article: “If you chose to race, the price of the race entry had nothing to do with your decision.” I never intimated I wouldn't pay the entry or attend National Champs this year, I asked what the money goes towards. It's a joke. “What does a $140 dual slalom entry even pay for? Swimming pools full of Jello?” That's the joke.

  4. haahhahaahaaahh yeah you GOT EPIC BURNED!!!!

    The fuck does that even mean?

  5. It's funny how now you feel the need to defend your views to us that read your blog.
    I say, 'Fuck 'em all, you're all cunts'. Now thats a line to get a greater readership, and get some self respect back.

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