13 thoughts on “Sol Vista

  1. But but but we have such awesome bike parks in Colorado!
    You could ride the amazing IMBA playground of Winter Park!
    Or shred some gnar skinnies at Keystone.
    Snowmass even has that one trail worth riding, ya know the one you have to pedal to unless theres a race.
    Who doesn't love driving to the end of the earth for average trails at Crusted Butt?
    You've clearly lost it

  2. Charlie, this is why black people don't like you………..and judging by the photo Pinkbike used for that Cascadia Enduro update , they don't like you either .

  3. Winter Park sucks.

    Sol Vista for the day or Angel Fire for the weekend, other than that, fuck it.

  4. Angelfire is by far the best in the area, but if I had to choose between Colorado lift riding spots I'd have to go with Keystone. Sure, their jumps are shit, but at least they leave the rocks and roots in their trials. Haven't ridden Granby yet this year though, maybe they've been putting in work.

  5. keystone got some trail work done so their shit isn't blasted. i still like going down TNT and kicking up rocks and ruining my tires. sol vista is righteous though. its just farther away and i don't get discounts there. shop rat life.

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