Leogang this year

No, wait… what? Really?

Instead I’m stuck here in Colorado, where mountain biking goes to die.

EDITOR’S NOTE: no just kidding about Leogang. Sorry guys, I looked at the trackwalks on Vital and Pinkbike and thought there was a bunch of wide, fresh track. Then I watched the Claudio track preview and realized the track is 95% the same as last year. My bad, sorry to deceive you, it’s still business as usual at Leogang. Busy as usual, plus 200 feet of soon-to-be one line rut.

12 thoughts on “Leogang this year

  1. Hard to complain when there's zero chance you would qualify anyway, one line or not. Keep living the dream and complaining about trails across the country. Maybe you'll even podium at a few regional enduro races along with some other other guys nobody has ever heard of

  2. There are worse places to be stuck. But yes, mtb'ing sucks in CO. Please spread the word. Thanks for coming, take your seeds and stems with you.

  3. Is it possible that MTB sucks in CO because so many of you fuckers are stoned? Just askin.

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