14 thoughts on “Richie

  1. hey look, its amanda batty here to cunt up the team robot comments because she ran away from every other mtb website.

    attention amanda: this website contains humor you will never understand.
    go back to yoga bitch.

    or better yet, have another concussion, it makes you so entertainingly crazy.

    go save yourself.

  2. Also: as a cunt, I hugely enjoyed your term 'cunt up' as an adverb. I'm assuming I don't have to give you creative credit when I use it in my next blog post as you're too cowardly to list your real name? Sweet, thanks! 😉

  3. After I read your “good bye” article I had no doubt that it was all true to the bone. All sorts of Blog sht-holes are providing the evidence though… I failed to come up with adequate insults so as usual in face of such helplesness I wish certain people To get bone marrow cancer at leadt then they will reach the bottom of their misery. I bet their kids are/ will be extremely ugly, as we all get genes from grand parents

  4. Ugh, I'm with truth. I come here to read rants and hilarious comments. No one likes a know-it-all, especially when they don't.

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