38 thoughts on “There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth

  1. looks like an average stage of a BC enduro race. Well, an easier stage anyway.

  2. Bet Gwin could magic carpet that mofo with no fucking wheels…..as long as he had his chain this time.

  3. Apparently the sport hasn't evolved in 10 years if they think that is a legit DH race track. Crank it up would genuinely be more exciting and testing.

  4. lol people complaining about this track either:

    -never ridden angelfire
    -have carbon rims
    -are from BC and scared of going fast

  5. Track looks like trash. Cant wait to see your next article about how flat and shitty it is. Gunna have to pull out that old diagram of how shitty tracks are.

  6. OMFG, what an easy track. Jesus Christ, the least they could have done is put in alligators or nuclear bombs or a few landmines in the landings or made it another 10 minutes longer. Ugh. Who the fuck designs this shit kind of shit?

    (FYI: humor. This track is a brutal course; between the speed, the tempo, the length and the technical details of it, it's hell on bodies and bikes… Nearly a 5-minute course for the mid-pack pro men, lots of descending, and more jumps than you can shake a stick at (including 2 pretty sketchy road gaps); it's worthy of a GRT designation.

    But don't mind me: I'm just over here cunting up the internet again.)

  7. I still don't know what Amanda “I hate men and all things fun” Batty is doing here. Go back to your blog about how the bike world hates you.

  8. ^^
    “Go back to your blog about how the bike world hates you.”

    So her and charlie have something in common?

  9. I like that its long and rough but i honestly didn't see much of even one technical section. I guess it's technical in a fast wide open doubletrack way.
    Can you coast it and win? Maybe if you carry a small New Testament King James version in your undies?

  10. Amanda, it would have been way funnier if you said “sharks and friggin lazerbeams”

    Man, chicks just aren't funny

  11. Do you Sherman Tanks (Yanks) actually ride any good tracks?! What's the deal with the mildly bumpy national track where the commentator (I shall name him Claudio) sounds bored telling us about the 'difficult' sections, such as the 'Vortex' (said in Dr Evil styley) that he 'struggles' (rides down absolutely fine) on his locked out trail bike? *humour warning* above comment was made in jest.

  12. Yeah, this track is technical. It's technical because it's flat, fucking flat as a pancake. It's technical because you have to worry about shit like pedal strikes on bullshit tombstone style rocks while you're pedaling your ass off. The steepest part of the track is on a road, like 3 miles of road. Utards and Coloradbrahs love that shit, though they will still get schooled by the PNDub'ers. Charlie, I hate you but I hope you smoke the rest of the field.

  13. A 5 minute track with less corners than an average 2 minute track , if gwins headset jams and he can't turn the bars he will probably win.

  14. Ah, er, mmmm, what is “cunting up the Internet”?

    I mean, do we really have to use this kind of fucking language around here?

  15. Love the shit talkin'. You PNDubs can't handle the Angel Fire volcanic rox. And usually wither up and die of dehydration in the dry, sunny air. Didja bring yer sun screen and lip balm? Do you even own any? Yer gonna need it!

  16. Traveling across the country, making snide comments about each region's trails and leaving a flurry of butt hurt anonymous internet comments in it's wake….the WAmbumlance Tour is truly living up to its name. Keep 'er rollin!

  17. I guess ambatt used “cunt up” referring to the comment of a random guy in the comment section of the previous article

    its funny how so many annonymous guys are pissed with the fact girls are allowed to comment.
    Maybe Iran is for you guys

  18. He's riding the course on a fucking “endurooooooo” bike….going to be a pretty gnarly “DH” race. BC is better just admit it. Also this blog is getting painful to even look at. Step it up and stop whinging about everything that isn't to your taste, if you focused on your riding ability as much as you do your bitching ability you might even come close to beating Rachel Atherton at a world cup.

  19. the fact that some of the people making comments are getting all butthurt is probably the #1 reason Charlie is posting this blog still. I know I would.

    Go put away the tank tops bros, nobody cares if you have sand in your vaginas.

  20. Charlies number 1 fan up there sounds like the type of bro that would wear said tank top case the fuck out of 12 ft tables and trys to whip with his wrong foot forward while getting his skirt caught in his chain. Hes probably mad cause he has sand in his vaginal and probably bought it up in the comments section of this lame blog in hope that some other moaning muuurcann loam roost fontana snow summit monster loving LoamBro will have the answer for his vaginal difficulties.

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