Shawn Neer

Trails bikes were faster at Angel Fire. We know this obvious fact because Shawn won on a trail bike.

Also, please ignore the fact that the only other guys on the mountain running trail bikes, Logan and Kevin, both got served.
I mean, why else would Shawn have chosen his 6c when he could have ridden the new 650b Yeti DH bike? Wait, ummm, nm…

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  1. It has nothing to do with the bike, Neer is one of the most talented cyclist of our time.

  2. ^”cyclist?” “CYCLIST!!!!!????”


    He doesn't even own any helmet mirrors.

  3. I don't buy a $6000 DH bike to get out-pedaled by singer guy on a trail bike. I shouldn't ever need a trail bike to be competitive on a DH track. There should never be any question about which bike to bring ti a real DH race.

    I bet IMBA would love the Angel Fire track, I hear it has a nice mellow grade and excellent drainage throughout. You've compromised your own standards and are now trying to backtrack, It's an embarrassing read. I'm tired of this enduro BS Sponsel! You've clearly doesn't too much time on the wobbly wheels in the high Colorado air and it's turned you a little soft between the kickers.

    If the sport is going to keep compromising It's riding level here I'm moving to Europe or Canada where they don't have these problems.

  4. Haha you're a fucking dick! Grow up dude you're not that good. Leogang looked harder.

  5. as usual, people complaining about the way this blog change are probably the guys who discovered this blog 3 months ago…
    yeah, sure, there is no more metal Monday, no more your daily dose of peter verdone, but it's still written by the same looser robot, or at least it feels like it is. hum not sure if my grammar is ok

  6. Thought Logan would have gotten second, minus the timing snafu? Served? What?

  7. Hardly a trail bike really with 40's on the front , though I think it shows more that he's a cut above his competitors than any thing , think your selves lucky he didn't run a full Dh bike

  8. So more of the same from Yeti? Poor design plus overseas contract manufacturer equals no DH bike delivery? Didn't this same thing play out in 2010?

  9. Yeah you're all lucky he wasn't running a dh bike!!! Gwin's lucky he wasn't there too!!!

  10. My father in law drives without seatbelts because his beer buddy told him about a guy who got burned alive in a car that caught on fire in an accident, because he couldn't undo his seat belt. Beer buddy surely watched final destination.

    It's cool. Any people competing without a chain?

  11. Enduro is SERIOUS BUSINESS….

    BTW, you've made it to the big show as a sport when you have a self-congratulatory and an industry wide elephant walk/circle jerk gala.

    Words cannot describe the comedy contained in the following link . Makes the next Canadian freeride bro flick premier look like amateur hour.

    Enduro has just pulled off equivalent of 2012 Aaron Gwin. Looks like the ball is in your corner Canadian freeride bros…

  12. Is it worth pointing out that Neer also qualified exceptionally well given that he broke his chain at the top of the track and it got sucked into his wheel ripping out a bunch of spokes or.. no?

  13. Dave, you're the kid tagging along with older, cooler kids who picks up a rock and thinks “I'll knock out that window to prove I'm cool and then they'll all respect me” but you throw like a girl and completely miss the window anyway and they don't even bother to make fun of you because you're so clearly off the back it's not worth the effort. Yeti doesn't make a DH bike.

    Graves podiumed at Worlds on basically the same bastardized trail bike because the course was bullshit and he's spent his whole career crushing people while riding tiny bikes. Neer won Angel Fire on a bastardized trail bike because he's Neer and he's fucking crazier than all of you.

  14. splooge for the win. (I can't say that I've ever typed that out before.)

    Shawn Neer is a fucking beast on any bike, and crazier than an electrocuted cat or a pet squirrel; take your pick.

  15. Yo Chazz – word on the street is Wil White don't like you and is starting to leave mean anonymous comments on you blog. i guess he didn't appreciate your Wil White bashing. Lol

  16. Neer can ride. Fucker broke his DH bike in whistler so was hitting crabapples on a single crown trail bike. Same kid that finished top 10 at crankworx last year. Real deal.

  17. “Just goes to show how capable trail bikes have become blah blah blah…”

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