The riding is perfect, but everything that’s wrong with Australia is neatly encapsulated in the music. Normally I would do a “watch this on mute, then play this song instead” post when a video has music this bad, but in this case, play anything. I love your riding Dave, but literally anything would be better than the music you chose. Yoko Ono would be better.

Island of criminals.

7 thoughts on “Oz

  1. Hold on, stop traffic…are you saying there are semi-employed mtn bike nerds out there with bad taste, access to cheap cameras, and multiple platforms for content sharing? I already have the link to pink bike robot

  2. I'll take crooked whips done in shitty hawaiian shirts and full-faces for $500, Alex!!

  3. the hawaiian shirt is like filming insurance…if your edit ends up looking like shit, at least it looks like you were just casually riding around, having fun with the homies. no one needs to know you hiked that berm 7 times to film a freeride flick.

  4. From personal experience riding with theses fools this is just a casual day riding bikes for them….they don't hike back up stuff 7 times cause most of the time there either too hungover and lazy to walk back up the track and have you ever ridden in a Hawaiian shirt? Better ventilation than any TLD / moto bro/sheep penis sweat wicking jersey out there

  5. Ha Ha, the Aussie couldn't resit the goat, must have thought it was a sheep.

  6. you probably have never riden in a TLD jersey. way better ventilation than cotton t shirt + hawaiian shirt

  7. I have done extensive testing of both jerseys…Hawaiian with no cotton shirt makes a tld jersey feel like a used condom in comparison

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