10 thoughts on “The future is here

  1. Cannot tell if the Robots mock her because she has a sponsorship from 100%, or that the Robot has 0% shot with the likes of her.

  2. Kool Moe Dee called… he wants his shades back. Even hot chix can't make those things look good. Kill yourself!

  3. If you are implying that a sex change will improve your ranking, you may be a bit ahead of yourself Charleze.

  4. @12:18
    Careful there buddy: Lacondeguy's WC DH record is superior to Charlie's.

  5. ^Lacondeguy's best performance at a WC is 93rd in qualifying.
    Sponsel's is 97th in qualifying.

  6. looks that dat sh't Samsung solds today for watch videos w your smartphone so maybe is not to 2030s late XDD.

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