Apples and Oranges

One of my least favorite things people say is, “You can’t really compare those two things. That’s like comparing apples to oranges.”

In fact, you can compare apples to oranges. It’s one of the great insights of the rational, scientific mindset that we can compare dissimilar things. It’s a sign of intelligence. For instance, apples and oranges have a lot more in common than, say, apples and Norm Chomsky [editor’s note: Noam Chomsky. In my defense the “A” and “R” keys are right next to each other].

And with that, please enjoy comparing and contrasting this apple riding fast down a loose, steep track:,false,false,true&dynamicStreaming=true&relatedcontent=true,true&isUI=true&labels='myExperience').errorHandler&autoStart=false&bckey=AQ~~,AAABTw4lHzE~,sr1E9bdX6d4wCdvdlD8QKdNij3uKs2K9&isRTL=false&filter=channel:Bike&bckey=AQ~~,AAABTw4lHzE~,sr1E9bdX6d4wCdvdlD8QKdNij3uKs2K9

To this orange, also riding fast down a loose, steep track:

What did you see that was similar?
What did you see that was dissimilar?
What other comparisons do these videos bring to mind?

30 thoughts on “Apples and Oranges

  1. one video features a normal sized person, one features a midget. the normal sized person is smooth, the midget is super fidgety.

  2. Wait. Are we comparing solely the riding or the riders themselves (and their encompassing histories, etc)? One is a racer and the other is a crazy free hucker.

    Don't make us do this.

  3. One looks like he's relaxed and going slow, but is actually going faster than anyone.

    The other looks like he's going faster than anyone who has ever lived, but probably wouldn't qualify in a world cup.

  4. One can corner without much effort, the other not so much but with much effort.

  5. You mean Loam Chomsky, right? Kind of like the Loam Ranger, but more intelligent.

  6. The racer vs freerider thing obviously. That said, I'm pretty sure Andreu could do quite well at a local race if he stops taking his foot off at every corner and landing everything rearwheel first.

    Same goes for Brendog, another talented rider lost because of hipping and whipping..

  7. Hi I'm from pinkbike. Andreau looks like he is going fast so OMFG he should he shoudl race world cups and win them all of the time! Flat pedals win everything, faggots run clips, 26 4 lief, looks like a session

  8. ^^^^^Correction. Faggots start by announcing they are from Pinkbike.

    Maybe if you unstrapped the ball from your mouth you could spell “life” correctly.

  9. Well one is SO FERAL with NO BULLSHIT!!! If it's not RAW and SKIDDING and FERAL then it's BULLSHIT!!!!

  10. One is freeride one is racing, as been said before and even discussed during the WC in sweden that the more erratic, stylish riders usually do not perform as well, pretty straightforward. Andreu is not in a race nor does he race so therefore he does not give two shits whether he is fast, looks fast or just plain not fast because he prolly makes bank hucking 70 ft gap jumps and winning rampage.

  11. Is this an anti-Brannigan website or a pro-Brannigan website? Someone is trying to pre-justify not getting rad at Nationals.

  12. If the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, how does sliding all over the place make you faster?

  13. Cedric gracia said winning rampage made him more money and did more for his career than winning races ever could or did. Enough with the crybaby shit about how freestyle gets all the attention but is all style and no speed.

  14. One looks like he is having fun, the other looks like he's racing.

  15. Apples-
    How do you make an apple turnover?
    Push it down a hill.

    Why did the orange stop rolling down the hill? Because it ran out of juice.

  16. I cant even watch that Laconde guy ride, feels like I'm epileptic and he's a fukking strobe light.

    Biggie on the other hand is looking like a cat. a cat with rythym dare I say, though having witnessed his drum duo with Claudio I might have to take back the rythym part.

  17. Much like the guys in European traffic weaving in and out and doing hand brake turns in side streets getting all revved up spinning tires but getting caught up by a grandma at the next set of lights.. Lacondeaguy rides in a much similar fashion. having fun, going through tires and bike parts and using much energy all to get yelled at by his mom for ruining the car's rear brakes. It makes sense because he is from Europe.

  18. Andreu looks like he is on some prime trail. grip for days. minnar is riding on marbles.

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