It’s a good thing it got dry and dusty at Lenzerheide, because for a minute there it looked like people were going to start complaining about the track. Normally that would be okay, expected even, but this case was special because the track had Steve Peat’s name all over it. In the MTB world Steve Peat is like the Pope was back in the good old days: he’s old, he’s infallible, and if you question him you get burned at the stake by an angry mob.

Oddly enough, for all the grumblings we heard coming from Greg Minnaar about the track, and all the clips we saw of Steve Peat talking about, extolling the virtues of, and(or) defending the track, we still haven’t seen any clips or heard any blurbs of Greg talking about it with Steve.

And those conversations happened. Those guys share the same pit, same hotel room, dinner table, etc. The topic came up.

I’m pretty sure if video surfaced online of Greg Minnaar complaining about Steve Peat’s course, a black hole would form and the horsemen of the apocalypse would descend and Roskopp would assume his true form and destroy the world.

Questioning Steve Peat is like, well, it’s like questioning Steve Peat. You just don’t do it. And yes Steve, those shoes look great.

13 thoughts on “Heretic

  1. But now Greg has more wins that Peaty, so it's kinda the other way around. Steve needs to explain himself to Greg. Except Steve didn't build it, he just helped design it. It's kinda apples and oranges really

  2. When I saw that Pinkbike article on Worst Mistake In Mtb today, …… first thought in my head was: “they should ask Charlie this”, and how weird it was , when I saw that photo of you again……..You know, the one where I said: ” it looks like you've been up tweaking for the past 5 days”. …??
    Wow, there you are _with all the industry big wigs ( ••except for Vernon Felton, who also looks like he might have been tweaking ).
    You big time now Chazz!! Most of the comments are citing your answer as the best too.!!!! …..,Next thing you know, you gonna be at the Rio Olympics in 2016!!


  3. That “worst mistake in mtb” article might have been the biggest case of comment baiting from Pinkbike yet. Half of pinkbikes regular comments are complaints about 650b and how expensive everything but YT is anyway, of course they'd have an article dedicated just to complaining.

  4. worst things in mtb from industry people with stakes in the game? that's about as watered down as it gets. That's why the only guy who can openly sort of speak his mind (Chuck) had the best answer.

  5. oh mike kootnikoff, you must be a really intelligent mtber. So I got few questions for you :

    1- do you know what actually means buzzfeed?
    2- Can a buzzfeed actually target intelligent people ?
    3- Do intelligent people waste their time commenting here?

    now you do realize your comment was useless and stupid, so kill yourself

  6. I will never get tired of the comments here. They are really the only reason I visit this site.

  7. Maybe Greg did have a mild grumble about the track, maybe he didn't. What he did do is get on with the job at hand and win the fucker. Maybe you should take note Charlie.

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