In case you missed it

Wyn Masters bike check:

  • “BoXXer World Cup is set up to be very progressive through its stroke, with 115 PSI and six Bottomless Tokens installed.” As far as what I’ve heard that sets the high score for Boxxer air spring pressure and # of tokens. 
  • 325 rear spring.
  • His mechanic on the topic of sag: “Depends on how much he has had for breakfast, but normally 15% in the rear and nearly 0% at the front.”
  • 760mm bars (Gravity bars, which btw you should totally buy right now at
  • Zero stem spacers
Ride the front end much?

16 thoughts on “In case you missed it

  1. is he on the old “this feels really really good and everything else sucks but I've never tried anything else and then when I do what I used to have now sucks and this is way better and I will never change again” mindset?

  2. Wyn is a World cup racer, he can ride his fork how the fuck he wants.
    What's wrong Charlie, still got sand in your vagina about people faster than you??

  3. there are two arguments that could be made here.

    1. Wyn is faster than anyone here, so his set up is better than yours.

    2. Wyn is fast no matter what his bike is set up like, he could ride a fully rigid bike faster than you. But, he could probably be faster on a better bike.

    Dare I say that there are many racers who have no clue about bike set up?

    I read once that Ricky Carmichael had a funky set up with his MX bikes, like the bars rolled back a bunch, almost in his lap. Unridable for anyone else. But results are results, so its hard to fault people who are really fast.

  4. RC rolled his bars like crazy, and Stewart did/does the same – downsweep in fact.

    For the nay-sayers, look at Wyn and his riding style: elbows out, over the front, eyes up. Plus, soft forks mean you're going slow, ask Gwin.

  5. Charlie has so much sand in his vagina about people who are faster or slower, he could build a god damn castle out of it on the beach.

    Same shit you hear from every rider who is good, but was never quite good enough to make it to the top level.

  6. Like Fairclough said “stiff suspension – and keep riding the bike faster until feels right”.

  7. Wyn's bike and setup is unique (to say the least). Not quite sure about 0% front sag…but all I really care about is your analyzation of the National Championship course video…I can tell you are perfecting this one as it's taking you a long time to post about it…

  8. Pretty sure the mechanic wasn't talking about the bike
    -the joke explainer guy

  9. So what you are saying is that he runs his suspension setup similar to Bubba Scrub.


    Wyn, lean over in the berms more and commit, especially those high speed wide open left-handers. Quit using your brakes so much in those same loose left-handers and focus on what is ahead of you; the line you are taking, and where you want to go rather than what you are afraid of. Is your right foot forward? In a big left berm that long it should be if you want take advantage of pedal offset stability when appropriate. Nobody hardly ever flies out of a big berm, just go for it and go faster. Worst thing that happens is you wash out and get dusty. You and Charlie have the same weakness. Sweet left hip jumps though.

  10. On the right course Robot might beat Wyn.
    Not a Wyn hater, seems like a cool down to earth guy, but I think he gets too much exposure over some other more deserving racers.
    I get it, he's a privateer living the dream which is awesome, but nobody cares about him or any other mid pack racer. I wanna see more coverage for the guys and gals that have the skills that pay the bills.

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