I just upgraded to an XXL, so I’m selling off my old bike. Whenever I list something I like to see who else is selling similar bikes, how much they’re going for, etc. Turns out competition is stiff. Here’s one of the other extra large V10’s for sale on Pinkbike right now:

In terms of used downhill bikes go, this is as cherry as it gets. There’s a rule that goes something like “never, ever buy a used bike, fork, anything from a pro downhiller.” The inverse of that rule is “If you ever see a downhill bike with 8″ rise ape hangers and a saddle bag, buy that thing immediately. If all the parts are ano-matched too, travel back in time to buy it.”

How am I supposed to compete with this? Like, between my two month old 2015 bike and this two year old 2014, why would you ever buy my bike? Oh, because it costs less? In two years this bike has probably seen less abuse than Ratboy puts his bike through halfway down his warmup run.

New set of bars, cut steerer, and just bite back the pain inside as all your buddies call you out every ride on the Goldmember shit.

16 thoughts on “Competition

  1. As a member of the TMFC (Tall Mother Fucker Club), I am interested in afore mentioned XXL frame and where to acquire said Limo.

  2. I never really understood why when you buy a new set of brakes it comes with 9 and a half feet of cable. I now know that this bike is the reason why.

    Pure gold post.

  3. You might have to pull a Tonya Harding on Luke Strobel if you want to win….

  4. If an LBS was involved, I want to meet the person who sold this dude this bike, and the trinkets to go with it.
    They will do great things in the future. Terrible, yes, but great.

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