Optical illusion

“It’s a lamp.”

“No way dude, it’s two women.”

“No, you’re not seeing it, it’s a lamp.”

“Dude, it’s a woman. I’m telling you, it’s definitely not a lamp.”

That’s what it’s like talking to Canadians and snowboarders about freeride flicks:

You either see it or you don’t.

28 thoughts on “Optical illusion

  1. Like the alien craft coming to take away the Heaven's Gate folks, your time is never coming. Do the decent thing, take a bunch of downers and wrap a plastic bag over your head.

    “So what about fears of a robot future?… MIT Professor of Economics David Autor believes that there are many tasks that robots will never be able to do, particularly those that require intuitive, non-linear thinking.”

  2. My favorite is when they try and justify it be calling it a “scandi flick”. Yeah, if you're trying to break it loose around an xc switchback maybe, but into a built-up berm? really?

  3. It's an advanced technique but I like to use the flick to scrub a little speed when needed, like if you are going to fast into a jump ora turn. Less wear on the brakes pads and a good way to take control if the bike before a crucial section. Is similar to what skateboarders do to scrub speed since they don't have brakes. It has nothing to sui with style, 100% just being practical and pragmatic.

    You'll also see some racers do inward rear wheel flicks before turns to help them set up while at the same time slowing down a little. I've noticed its a little harder with the bigger wheels though.

    Another good thing about the rear wheel flick is that it roughens the smooth trails oit a bit, I'm tired of the bike park baby surfaces.

    Last but not least always remember lower is faster, when you are flocking you are getting dumb a little lower while manipulating the bike to set up or scrub speed. But again it's an advanced technique that most riders will never even come close to on the trail, let alone grasp it mentally while reading a blog on the internet. I've tried to dumb it down for you, good luck.

  4. *when you are flicking you are getting down a little lower. …*

    Sorry about the misspellings I'm on a plane. I used the flicking technique at Mammoth twice and had a decent run.

  5. decent run at mammoth huh? must be awfully knowledgeable in advanced techniques

  6. I never used to bother with freeride flicks until I started reading Charlie's vagina itch site.
    I now freeride flick at any opportunity in the off chance that it may annoy the failed wannabe racers with sand in their vaginas.
    I've also started rocking ankle socks too.

  7. I like how USA19870404 justifies his flick by saying you save wear on the brake pads.

    Yeah guy, save one fraction of a second on your pads and instead fuck up the trail and your tires. Then he calls it being pragmatic.

    Internets wisdom is the best wisdom.

  8. Once the the real robots takeover, they will at least keep the t-shirts in stock.

  9. USA19870404, please tell us more about advanced riding techniques.

    I really need to cut down on my brake pad expenses. Thanks in advance.

    PS – kill yourself.

  10. Thought the whole point was to initiate drift earlier, instead of having a tire break at an unexpected time mid turn. But yeah, berm, no.
    -not a racer, EABOD

  11. USA19870404 everybody knows you are a fake kyle strait

    btw, charlie's birthday is valentine's day, that's probably why everybody says he has sand in his vagina
    Also, I was wondering : Did you cry when you crashed in the dust like a big mammoth poo?

  12. So basically freeride flicks are sorta like the new 'bubba scrub' of DH racing. …cool

  13. ok usa, In some situations flicking might be faster to get around something because you are getting lower and smoother instead of hitting something higher. But i don't care about brake pads, or I don't care if you f up the trails that's what DH bikes do. Don't care if you're on a plane you are high anyways. I hardly ever see anybody do it anyway.

  14. Freeride flicks are really cool to kick little animals sitting on the side of the trail, like ginger kids, squirrels or mountain lions. If I manage to kill them, I can use them to make soft landings

  15. As with most debates the truth is probably somewhat in between. Sometimes freeride flicking is probably faster, but not in every situation. If you watch enough World Cup you see evidence of it.

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