22 thoughts on “I’m real happy for you, Neko, and imma let you finish

  1. LOWENBRAU…or, maybe you could try the canadian freeride version, Lowennbro

  2. stuff is actually pretty solid. the old chub (nitro!) i see there is really good as well. one of the better sponsors on the circuit, imo. beer is life.

  3. I disagree, it doesn't kind of suck, it really sucks. So many better craft pale ales out there.

  4. You know the crazy thing about taste? EVERYONE'S IS FUCKING DIFFERENT, YOU WANKERS.

  5. There's also Momma's Little Yella Pils (pilsner) and Pinner (throwback IPA). Pinner can only be drank by those who pin.

    Also, sprinkles are for winners.

  6. fuck all that. ten fiddy or GTFO, bitchez. everything else is ankle socks and visors.

  7. Are we at some point going to discuss how horribly pathetic the national championships were and the complete nadir that US mountain biking has reached?

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