TEAM ROBOT Freeride Flick Tutorial

Anything that happens in the red zone is not a freeride flick, it’s cornering. It could be good cornering, it could be bad cornering, it could be horrific cornering, it could be a scandiflick or a Voreis or a dust-pile photoshoot apex blowout, but it all lives under the tent we call cornering.

A freeride flick is, by definition, cornering without changing direction. It’s the bike equivalent of a Subway Veggie Delite. Or a V6 Mustang. Or soaking.

This is called cornering:

This is also cornering:


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  1. What about Dorfling freeride flicking his way down a forty degree loose slope in Kamloops? It's bro-tier freeride stuff, but he's doing it to shed speed since brakes don't work when your tire sinks in four inches deep.

  2. both those dorks have the inside foot down on the corner, that berm blasting is for pictures only not for going fast.

  3. @10:49 raises a good point.

    Although when slapping into a catch a 17Gs, I'm pretty sure we can let the homeboys slide with cornering techniques that the Russians / French judges would score low in the Olympics.

  4. ritard. Dylan hit the corner before and blew it up. the pic is to show it still blowing up after he hit it. failbot.

  5. That trail looks straight. Interesting that Bren Dawg didn't do any in his big show-off Rampage run but is using the technique in race runs. …hmmmmph!

    Just cause you can't do it doesn't mean faster riders can't.

    Lastly, Listen while mountain bike veteran Matt Hunter explains the true definition of freeride, he has been around a lot longer than you and is probably faster than you too. Listen & learn:

  6. Yeah, he's “probably faster than you too”. Tired of hearing this used to describe every pro freerider…

  7. I don't think anybody who has a garbage dumpster full of Taco'd rims in his backyard should be giving tutorials on ” how to ” anything – (except maybe how to true up a Taco'd rim).


  8. “A freeride flick is, by definition, cornering without changing direction.”

    You mean like how you can gain speed in a parking lot simply by flipping the wheel back and forth and gaining momentum and speed by manipulating your body(compressing into the bike) during the “cuttie” portion of the turn; the apex. Yeah, that's how skaters gain speed too sometimes.

    It is the new 'Bubba Scrub of DH, deal with it.

    That's 3 kills but here's an additional bonus hit:

    I bet someone will do an exaggerated flick in the next World Cup races just to spite you. And then go on to win the race.

  9. ^ In what world is turning quickly in a parking lot to gain speed at all the same as doing a freeride flick. Am I the only one who doesn't see how those two things are at all related?

  10. Question: ^ In what world is turning quickly in a parking lot to gain speed at all the same as doing a freeride flick. Am I the only one who doesn't see how those two things are at all related?

    Answer: In both the theoretical and practical world. Theoretically you could flick your way down the whole trail gaining momentum just like you can in the parking lot. The key is to compress the bike at the apec of the flick then unweight it as you are getting to flick the other way. It is difficult on a dry dusty trail compared to a hardpack trail where you could get more traction. It also obviously has to be a wide trail.

    One time I rode six blocks on asphalt without pedaling, on a slight uphill grade. Simply by flicking the bike back and forth, compressing then decompressing at the apex. It's harder to do on a DH bike than a rigid bike because the shocks dampen your 'compression pumps' as you are flicking back and forth.

    I tried to find some examples in youtube but couldn't, maybe I'll get my buddies to film me demonstrating it and post a link here after I post it on youtube.


  11. Surely you're trolling? Otherwise you're absolutely retarded. The whole principal behind pumping your bike on asphalt to gain momentum (it works on ice with skates too) relies on you having traction to rythymically push off of. A freeride flick requires you to break traction, and look like a spastic, wiggling worm emerging from a dust cloud. Even people who support this shit know it doesn't make you go faster. That's what pedals are for

  12. maybe you needed to flick more on the crappy east coast trails. only 17th? you should kill youself and let a local WV restaurant serve you as roadkill.

  13. Charles, can you please stop practicing your Freeride flicks during your race run. This is getting embarrassing for Santa Cruz, errr I mean Felt.

  14. anonnymous 2:12: No I wasn't trolling but I am partly autistic. I considered your detailed explanation and response and talked to some more experienced riders than me and now I know it won't work unless the trail is pretty much designed for it.

    While contemplating about this I actually was inspired to set a new record pumping on a slight asphalt uphill: 9 laps. I'm considering replacing my knibbies with some Maxxis Hookworms that I can purchase off of ebay and attempting a new shocking personal record of 20 laps; according to what.people with experience with these dimpled but south tires tell me about their improvements in rolling resistance and grip, especially when the bike is leaned over at an angle on flat surface. Could this be a new popular form of bicycle riding? I'm going to call it Slaloming, and start promoting on my Facebook page (67 friends) to see what kind of interest there might be. I'm also considering a pinkbike account but I've seen mean comments alot on there. I was wondering what any experienced and faster downhill readers might recommend for tire pressure for this kind of riding?

    I'm am not going to record it or any other videos of compression pumping world records on youtube so don't bother looking for them. It turned out that it is harder than you can imagine to film it.

    I worked at subway for 3 months, if you were familiar with the meat there you would only want the Veggie delite. Google it.

  15. Loving the creative ways to make fun of guys making more money than you doing the same job as you Charlie. Keep it up, listening to you complain about it is almost as much fun as actually doing a “Free-ride flick.” Aussies have “Cutties” and once you start trying them you get hooked up. Seriously make fun of it some more, that's why I come here.

  16. The fishnet stockings Charlie secretly wears in the van with his jean shorts, aren't like the black socks he wears on the course. Maybe he should switch…….

  17. And the world record for reposting the same re-titled article the most number of times goes to…

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