Gotta hustle

Just when I thought I’d seen everything the internet has to offer, Ben Furbee went and found this gem:

I like to think the Red Bull prize money paid for a trip to race in Europe or America. Or just beer because they’re Aussies.

12 thoughts on “Gotta hustle

  1. good old days, the sport was pure back then. He was also at Rampage around that time.

  2. I forgot Charlie was still riding the short bus to elementary school in 2003. I have the official VHS tape of that event around still.

  3. for someone that internets a lot, you've never seen this? Lost a lot of a credit.

  4. So Mr. Know It All hasn't been around very long but has an cocky opinion on everything.

    Classic teenager. Except you aren't a teenager.

  5. you are actually retarded! how haven't you ever seen this before? and you call yourself a SH fan. jesus you're a fucking bafoon

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