Bummer time

I went to sleep for a second and when I woke up there were six different chainring standards.

All of this bullshit happened so people could run 28 tooth chainrings. If you can’t turn a 30 tooth up a hill maybe you should take up jogging.

26 thoughts on “Bummer time

  1. @ Anon 11:03am

    This is true, but if you can't turn a 30T up your superfred thighburner XC climb you should definitely kill yourself.

  2. there are dudes who use a 28t front with a 42t rear. no really, I'm not kidding. stop laughing. How can they keep balance almost standing still? I find 32t/40t very fucking low.

  3. Climbs Tualatin Mountain range with 34f/32r. Maybe I don't need this 11/36 cassette?

  4. There are actually at least 10, but I'll excuse you for your youth and inexperience.

    You climb to the top once, feel big, and think everybody has the same desires as you… Some of us others keep going all day.

  5. If I can't make a climb in 32/32, it means that I am a fucking pussy. In my neck of the woods it's all fat guys on Surlys rolling at .5 mph up the climbs in their 30/42. Want to laugh? Follow one of these clowns on a descent.

  6. The lowest gear in my 1 by 9 setup is 36:30, I'd love to run a 28 tooth cog on the front. Also I'm a fat cunt.

  7. You kids talk big. I see you pushing you big bikes . Smashing everything. BFD. Fuck you! 26/42 29″ long and slack .65 fucking years old. I was riding a god damn mountain bike before you were born. I'll wait for you at the top of the shit we ride. You might drop me a few yards but I will run over you when you crash. You dumb fucking piss ants.

  8. Once DH bikes become lighter than 20lbs, people will be carrying them up like CX and they will still be faster on top than people on 22t grannys and 28t single ring setups – with all due respect to people with weaker knees and slow twitch muscles.

  9. being awesome at climbing is like being awesome at star trek trivia. chances are, the more awesome you are, the more everyone thinks you're a giant fucking geek.

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