17 thoughts on “Happy ROBOTS

  1. I still think the most productive position is to be passionately and publicly PRO-ABORTION & PROUD!

  2. What the hell is with people thinking that Wallen guy from the pinkbike video posted above is fast anyway?

  3. I picked you as the race winner in the Pinkbike contest. I hope you are taking this as seriously as I am, if you win your first ever ews race I win 20 Michelin tires.

    The pressure cooker inside your head just got dialed up 3%.

  4. ^^^ Hope you are not serious, michelin wild rock tire suck more than kenda nevegal, you should delete your pb account before you win and get oblige to ride on those crap
    charlie, save this guy, if you get only 2nd it's ok, i won't tell your mum

  5. Yeah we all like our own little jokes, but I was serious when I picked the missle. Humans now get what they deserve as the bright colors temporarily hide the dull brown death that awaits our spoiled and materialistic horrid children who should have never been allowed to leave the womb of the mother following her shallow paternal breeding instincts if there were ever a sense of justice in this world. Enjoy all the blown out corners, eh?

  6. ^^I am a school teacher, that long sentence doesn't really work but best regards.

    Great result Charlie; sandwiched between universal legend Cedric Gracia and regional legend Nathan Riddle and you dominated every member of the specialized ews team.

  7. Shite result Charlie. Again, you got your ass kicked by Luke…

    I am really disappointed, what is your excuse this year?

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