9 thoughts on “No one outside the industry thinks mountain bikes are cool

  1. Dood, what is the difference between a roller blader and a mountain biker?

    I don't know, but I think it would be a good joke. 😀

  2. mountain biking is only slightly cooler than lollerblading, wrongboarding, unicycling, and recumbent riding. that doesn't say much.

  3. Meh skiin is fun whether it is “cool” or not, rollerblading is neither cool or fun.

  4. a guy named Ahmet shoots a gun in 'Merica and nobody does anything about it???
    Confine him to a mandatory unicycle regime.

  5. Sounds like someone is eternally angry about Robots' intrinsic lack of steeze. No Robot will ever understand steeze no matter how much they try to analyze and debase those that posses steeze. Keep pumping out the sour posts with your outdated wit algorithm, they seem to make some people feel better about their cynical xtreme sports outlooks. Maybe if mountain bikers used more gangster rap and wore baggy shit and became steezy, people would think they were cool. Isn't that what xtreme sports is all about? Looking cool and being dope and general oneupmanship? I think mountain biking could use a lil more wutang and a bit more afterbang but that could just be my inner gangster stoner bay kid talking. And don't critique my grammar or general writing ability or my steezy prose, Parsely Chonsel. I dropped out of my fancy pantsy liberal farts education to smoke weed and play video games. I'm not as well equipped to comment on such a prestigious blog as others might be.

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